G1: Shiels Family History

This section provides Family History details on the Shiels family. To provide uniformity across this website, Generation 1 (G1) will be Robert Shiels 1769-1845 and his wife Annie Dickson. Each successive generation will be labelled as G2, G3 and so on. Links will be provided to let you move forward and backward through the histories. Each page will provide an index on which histories are included. Each index is indented to easily see the linage.

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Histories included on this page include:


G1: Robert Shiels 1769-1845 & Annie Dickson

Robert was born Jan 16, 1769 in Skirling, Scotland. He was the oldest child of James Shiels and Janet Younger and both his parents were only 19 years old when he was born. Robert had one brother Thomas, born May 12, 1771 in Kilbucho, Scotland.

He married Annie Dickson on July 9, 1790. Annie was born in 1768 and was the first child of James Dickson and Isobel Gilry.

Robert and Annie had six children in 19 years, Alison 1791; Thomas 1795; Isabella 1798; Robert 1802; Helen 1804 and George 1810.

In the 1841 Census, Robert was living by himself in Libberton, Midlothian, Scotland as his wife had already passed away..

Robert died in 1845 in Culter, Lanarkshire, Scotland, at the age of 76. Annie died in 1840 in Culter, Scotland.


G2: Alison Shiels 1791-1833 & Robert Wallace

Alison was born June 3, 1791 in Drummelzier, Peebleshire, Scotland. She was the first child of Robert Shiels and Annie Dickson.

Alison married Robert Wallace on April 14, 1815 in Peebles, Peeblesshire, Scotland. They had 5 children; Isabella (1821); Helen (1823); Elizabeth (1825); Jane (18300 and Alison (1833).

Alison died on December 24, 1833, in Berwickshire, Scotland, at the age of 42. 

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G2: Thomas Shiels 1795-1839 & Barbara Jean Cranston

Thomas was born September 27, 1795 in Traquir, Peebles, Scotland. He loved horses and got a job in a stable for the Duke of Buccleuch. He advanced quickly and became head man with good wages. Thomas fell in love with the governess of the Duke’s two little girls, Barbara Jean Cranston, and they were married on April 5, 1817.

Thomas was a very good sport. He liked good company and was a great hand with the fiddle. He was a kind hearted soul and “his own worst enemy”. He went on to become game keeper for the Duke and was an expert with a gun. He was shot by a poacher and was badly wounded, from which he never completely recovered. The youngest child was only six years old when Thomas died in March 1839. The Duke erected a marble slab at the head of his grave which read “Here lies a Gallant and true Scotsman”.

Thomas and Barbara Jean had a large family, Robert Shiels 1817-1894; Thomas Shiels 1819-1897; Jean Shiels 1821-1907; James Shiels 1824-1827; John Shiels 1826-1908; George Shiels 1828-1906; Barbara Ann Shiels 1831-1921 and William James Shiels 1833-1911.

Barbara Jean went on to become a teacher and raised her children on her own after Thomas had died. The Duke of Buccleuch opened a school in the village and hired Barbara Jean to teach the village children. She continued to teach until she was eighty-one years old and was still quite spry. Barbara Jean lived to be ninety-three.

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G2: Isabella Shiels 1798-1867 & Thomas Goodburn

Isabella Shiels was born on May 15, 1798, in Stobo, Peeblesshire, Scotland, to Annie Dickson, age 30, and Robert Shiels, age 29. She was baptized on 20 May 1798 at Stobo, Peebles, Scotland.

David was a minister in his adult life and he never married. David died Dec 19, 1878 at the age of 56.

Agnes never married and died on Aug 18, 1869 at the age of 38.

Thomas passed away on December 6, 1843, in Peebles, Peeblesshire, Scotland, at the age of 42. They had been married 19 years. In the 1851 and 1861 Census, Isabella was a Boarding House Owner in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. Isabella died in 1867 in Midlothian, Scotland, when she was 69 years old.


G2: Robert Shiels 1802 & Margaret Purdie

Robert Shiels was born on September 28, 1802, to Annie Dickson, age 34, and Robert Shiels, age 33. He was baptized on 03 Oct 1802 at Broughton, Peebles, Scotland.

He married Margaret Purdie on June 5, 1825, when he was 22 years old. Their son James was born on October 13, 1825 and their daughter Ann was born on April 18, 1833. 

We know that James was a Private in the Twentieth Regiment of Foot Soldiers from 1842 to 1856. No other information is available on this family.


G2: Helen Shiels 1804-1837

Helen Shiels was born on August 7, 1804, to Annie Dickson, age 36, and Robert Shiels, age 35. She was baptized on August 28, 1804. Helen never married and died in 1837 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, when she was 33 years old.

No other information is available on this family.


G2: George Shiels 1810-1877 & Mary White

George Shiels was born on August 9, 1810, in Eddlestone, Peeblesshire, Scotland, to Annie Dickson, age 42, and Robert Shiels, age 41.  He was baptized on Aug 19, 1810. 

George married Mary White in Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland, on June 5, 1840, when he was 29 years old. They had eight children in 20 years, Robert 1841-1869; Ebenezer 1842-1845; William 1844-1918; George 1846-1893; David 1848-1921; James 1853-1897; John 1857-1939 and Thomas 1861-1900.

George died on May 11, 1877, in Longstone, Midlothian, Scotland, at the age of 66. Mary died on September 20, 1876, at the age of 61.

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