G3: 1821 Jean Shiels Anderson

This page provides details on Jean Shiels and James Anderson. It also provides links to their descendants as follows:

  • G3: Jean Shiels 1821-1907 & James Anderson
    • G4: James Anderson 1848-1914 & Mary Isabella Hardy
    • G4: Barbara Anderson 1849-1892
    • G4: Helen Anderson 1852-1925 & Walter Richardson
    • G4: Thomas Anderson 1854-1939 & Kate Munn
    • G4: Jane Anderson 1857-1920 & John Raby
    • G4: Robert Anderson 1861-1949
    • G4: Mary Anderson 1867-1950 & Robert Ballantyne

G3: Jean Shiels 1821-1907 & James Anderson

Jean Shiels was the third child of Thomas Shiels and Barbara Jean Cranston. She was born July 23, 1821 at East Mains, Coulter, Lanarkshire, Scotland. She was very good-looking and a very smart girl. She received a minimum education in the school on the Duke of Buccleuch’s estate and at a young age she went to work on a dairy farm owned by the Anderson family.

After a few years there, she married James Anderson, the owner’s son. The young couple stayed on the family farm for several more years, during which time three children were born to them. James was born in 1848, Barbara in 1849 and Ellen (Hellen) in 1852.

The young family sailed for Canada in 1854. They stopped for a short time near Whitby and then came west to what is now Dublin, Ontario. In those days, it was called Irish Town. James and Jean ran a boarding house there for three years and a son Thomas was born there in 1854. When land became available, James and Jean attempted to obtain a homestead in Grey Township across the road from Jeans’ brother John but a claim jumper spoiled their plans.

They were successful in obtaining a 200 acre homestead on the 6th concession of Turnberry Township. James and Jean had three more children there. Jean was born in 1857, Robert in 1860 and Mary in 1867.

Upon the death of James Sr in 1885, the land passed to Jean his widow, and to Jean and John Raky, Mary Anderson, Ellen Richardson (a widow) and an interest to John Shiels (Jane’s brother) and John’s wife Janet.

James died on August 22, 1885, in Wingham, Ontario, at the age of 64. Jean died on May 20, 1907, in Wingham, Ontario, having lived a long life of 85 years. 

G4: Barbara Anderson 1849-1892

When Barbara Anderson was born on June 4, 1849, in Scotland, her father, James Anderson , was 28, and her mother, Jean Shiels , was 27. She never married and died on January 5, 1892, in Wingham, Ontario, at the age of 42.

G4: Robert Anderson 1861-1949

When Robert Anderson was born on March 15, 1861, in Wingham, Ontario, his father, James Anderson, was 40 and his mother, Jean Shiels, was 39. He never married and died on April 15, 1949, in his hometown at the age of 88.


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