G5: 1880 Thomas Gilpin

Thomas, Marion & Matthew Gilpin

Thomas Gilpin was born in Turnberry Township on Mar 24, 1880. He was the second child of Barbara and Thomas Gilpin. After the family moved to Michigan, he was put to work in the lumberwoods with his half-brothers. He was called a “millman” when he married Lois Rowe on June 21, 1905. Lois was born May 29, 1889, the daughter of George and Anna (Winters) Rowe of Oceana County, Michigan. Tom was 24 and Lois was 16 when they were married. The ceremony was performed by W. F. Glass, and the witnesses were Horace and Mary Lattin of Hesperia, Michigan. Lois’ family were farmers, and at various times Tom worked for George, or William Rowe, his wife’s uncles.

Thomas and Lois had three children; Elwin, Agnes & Thomas Jr. Thomas Sr. and Lois lived in Detroit most of their married life. They were divorced late in life and both remarried. In Detroit, he earned his living as a carpenter. Thomas died in April 1963 and is buried at Ashton, Michigan. Lois died Nov 10, 1973 and is buried at Livonia, Michigan.

Elwin Gilpin 1907-1955 (G4)

Elwin was born Oct 13, 1907 and lived in Detroit. He was the oldest child of Thomas and Lois Gilpin. He was married but had no children. He died of a heart attack Nov 8, 1955.

Agnes Gilpin 1910-1973 (G4)

Agnes was born Sept 10, 1910 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was the second child of Thomas and Lois Gilpin. Agnes married Philip A. Webber on April 24, 1926. She was 15 and he was 27. Philip was a blacksmith in Detroit. Philip died of injuries received when kicked by a horse in the course of his employment Dec 2, 1929. Agnes (Gilpin) Webber remarried and lived in California for several years but returned to the Detroit area to live with her mother for a number of years until she died Jan 12, 1973. She is buried in Livonia, Michigan.

They had one son  Philip DeForest born Sept 5, 1927. He married Elva O’Neill on Aug 26, 1948 and had three children; James Webber born Nov 30, 1949; Douglas Webber born Apr 8, 1953 and Ronald Webber born Oct 14, 1957.

Thomas Gilpin Jr 1913-1913 (G4)

Thomas Jr, the third child of Thomas and Lois Gilpin, was born in 1913 and died the same year.