G5: 1881 Anna (Gilpin) Gilbert

Anna Jane Gilpin was born July 3, 1881 in Turnberry Township. She was the third child of Barbara and Thomas Gilpin. She married Philemon D. Gilbert on August 14, 1897.

The ceremony was performed by A. Binkhorst, a minister of the Gospel. The witnesses were Carrie and Henry Gulker, sister and brother-in-law of the bride. Anna was 16 and Philemon was 21 when they were married. She was listed as “housework” and he as a “labourer”. They had one son, Garld Gilbert, born in 1898.

Philemon D. Gilbert died Sept 5, 1899 in Hart, Michigan at the age of 24. Anna Jane remarried on Dec 8, 1904 to Jeddiah Simmons. He was born in 1881 in Wisconsin. The ceremony was performed by Perle Grieshaber, a Congregational minister. The witnesses were Thomas Gilpin and Lois Rowe, brother and sister-in-law of the bride. Jeddiah was listed as a “farmhand” and Anna as a “housewife” .

Two sons were born to Anna and Jeddiah and they both died very young. Their oldest son Frank, died Feb 2, 1906. The second son Lorance, was born Aug 21, 1907 and died Feb 19, 1908.

Anna Jane died June 10, 1908, age 27, in Hart, Michigan. She and her three sons are believed to be buried in the Hart, Michigan cemetery. Upon the death of his mother, Anna’s uncle, Thomas E. Shiels, took Garld and raised him until he died in his early teens.