G5: 1883 Marion (Gilpin) Marsh

Marion was born Feb 6, 1883 in Turnberry Township. She was the fourth child of Barbara and Thomas Gilpin, She was 7 when the family relocated to Oceana County, Michigan. She was always called “Minnie” by the family.

On Nov 14, 1898 she married Harry Allen Marsh in Mears, Michigan. The ceremony was performed by Edgar H. Hotchkiss, Justice of the Peace. The witnesses were L.C Marsh, the groom’s brother, and Susan Hotchkiss. Harry worked at the sawmill, farmed, and operated a restaurant in Hart, Michigan.

In 1917 the family relocated to Detroit, where Harry operated a grocery store, worked as a millwright, and as a mechanical engineer for the Albey-Ferguson Corp. installing industrial conveyors.

Harry Allen Marsh died March 25, 1929, and is buried at Hart, Michigan. Marion Gilpin Marsh died March 18, 1930, and is buried at Hart, Michigan.

Marion & Harry had five children: Erma, Iva, Donald, Bernard & Russell. They lost a child very young, Iva Lorena was born June 27, 1902 and died November 13, 1907.

Erma (Marsh) Holmes 1899-1967 (G4)

Erma Lottie Marsh was born Nov 2, 1899. She was the oldest child of Marion & Harry Marsh. She married Thomas Holmes. They lived in the Detroit area until retiring to Florida. They had no children. Erma died June 16, 1967.

Donald Marsh 1904-1972 (G4)

Donald James Marsh was born Dec 26, 1904. He was the third child of Marion & Harry Marsh. He married Bernice Pillsbury on Jul 21, 1923. They lived in the Detroit area where be sold and serviced furnaces and plumbing wares. Donald died Sept 30, 1972.

They had three children, Earldene Janice in 1927, Harry Claire in 1930 and James Kenneth in 1932.

Earldene (Marsh) O’Connor 1927- (G5)

Earldene Janice was born Feb 24, 1927. She was the first child of Donald & Bernice (Pillsbury) Marsh. She married Patrick O’Connor and they had a daughter Sherry Carol on Feb 3, 1946.

Sherry married Gary Shelton and they had two children

  • Lisa Marie was born December 6, 1966. She married William Thomas Homletts jr on May 18, 1991.
  • Michelle Leann was born Jan 19, 1970. She married Michael Baldwin on Nov 16, 1991. They had four children, Shawn Michael 1987; Scott James 1989; Christopher Anthony 1990 and Brandy Elizabeth 1992.

Sherry was remarried to Robert Paul Kiselica on June 3, 1972. They had two children

  • Paul Robert James born Jan 26, 1972. He married Kim and they have a daughter Nicole born in 1992.
  • Nicole Deann born Jan 18, 1975.

Earldene was married again to Richard Drouillard in 1950. They had a son Kraig born April 12, 1951. He married Beverley Glasgow on Dec 26, 1975.

Earldene was married again to Jeffrey Valentine. They had a son Scott Allen in 1961.

Earldene was married again to Richard Wilson. They had no children.

Harry Claire Marsh 1930- (G5)

Harry Claire was born July 30, 1930. He was always called Bill. He was the second child of Donald & Bernice (Pillsbury) Marsh. In 1952 he married Clara Marie Calvey. They had

  • Janice born Jul 6, 1952. She married Thomas Rogers on Sept 21, 1979 and have no children.
  • Trudy Lynn born Aug 19, 1954. She married Albert Harnos and they had two children, Heather Lynn in 1973 and Nicole Marsh in 1977. Trudy was remarried to Martin Grable in 1981. They had a daughter Laura in 1984.

Harry (Bill) was remarried to Patricia Cooper in 1963. They had two sons

  • Bill Corey born April 10, 1964. He married Nathalie and have a son Corey Patrick on Nov 3, 1990.
  • Gene born Jun 22, 1968.

James Kenneth Marsh 1932- (G5)

James Kenneth was born Jan 16, 1932. He was the third child of Donald & Bernice (Pillsbury) Marsh. He married Vera Barron on Dec 5, 1953. They have five children

  • Robin Lynn born Feb 21, 1955. Her first marriage was to John Yono September 8, 1974. They had no children. Her second marriage is to Michael Torrez in 1978. They have Dominic Michael, born August 15, 1978, and Joseph James, born April 27, 1981.
  • Cindy Lee born December 14, 1956. She is married and has no children.
  • Sandra Kay born March 28, 1958. She married Clayton Nickle on July 23, 1980.
  • Kimberly Rae born May 20, 1951. She died under open heart surgery June 6, 1966.
  • Donald James born February 11, 1963. He is married but no further data is available.

James Kenneth’s first marriage failed and he remarried on March 22, 1974 to Carol Gnat. She has two daughters from a previous marriage.

Bernard Marsh 1911-1993 (G4)

Bernard Kenneth Marsh was born March 19, 1911. He was the fourth child of Marion & Harry Marsh. His first marriage was to Edith Valevitch.

They had a daughter Marion Louise born Nov 25, 1931. She married Hans C. Hansen on Nov 22, 1951. Marion Louise Hansen died Jan 28, 1984. Her husband Hans C. Hansen survives her. From this union came four children:

  • Hans Kenneth born April 29, 1955. He married Joyce Ann Madoline on Sept 17, 1977. They have Charina Theresa, born Jan 13, 1984 and a son Christian Julius, born Feb 15, 1985.
  • Cassie Louise married Clare David Gabert and they had Cassandra Marie, born Sept 2, 1981. Cassie Louise’s second marriage was to Joe Wheeler on April 27, 1985. They had Benjamin Adam on June 23, 1987.
  • Marion Karla was born Aug 9, 1961.
  • Eric Steven was born Dec 1, 1963.

Bernard Kenneth’s second marriage was to Cassie Gregory on July 7, 1939. Bernard and Cassie have spent their married life in the Detroit area. Bernard served in the U.S. Army in WWII. He has worked as a salesman of food products and retired as an insurance agent. Cassie was an executive secretary in the Detroit Public School System. They both enjoyed retirement, living in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak. Bernard Marsh died on July 25, 1993. They had two children:

  • Stephen Gregory was born May 26, 1942. He married Margaret Miller on Dec 22, 1965. Stephen and Margaret have one daughter, Ann, born June 30, 1971. Ann is a world-class fencer, who has won awards in International competition. She competed in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain as a member of the US Women’s Foil Fencing team.
  • Susan Karen was born Nov 8, 1947. She married Michael Stewart Stinson on August 16, 1969. They have one son, Gregory Stewart born April 3, 1977. Michael is hearing impaired. He teaches as a full professor and is also a researcher at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester, New York, where they live. He has had several foreign assignments for research in his profession.

Russell Marsh 1915-1977 (G4)

Russell Marsh was born in Detroit on Dec 12, 1915. He was the fifth child of Marion and Harry Marsh. He married Freda Deitering on Aug 24, 1942. Russell worked as a salesman and later as a pipefitter for Ford Motor Co. Russell and Freda lived in the Detroit area. Russell died August 21, 1977 and is buried in the Detroit area. Freda is living in Florida. They had two children, Margaret Jane was born Feb 24, 1941 and Phyllis was born Feb19, 1943.

Margaret Jane Marsh 1941 (G5)

Margaret Jane was born Feb 24, 1941. She married Junior Bailey in 1957. Jane and Junior have six children.

  • Nina Yvonne was born Nov 3, 1957. She married Gregory Lynn Anderson on Aug 4, 1978.
  • David Allen was born June 29, 1960. He married Rebecca.
  • Denise Christine was born Sept 19, 1961 and is not married.
  • Karen Freda was born Mar 28, 1963. She married Michael David Smith on Mar 12, 1984.
  • Jeffrey Craig was born Sept 21, 1969 and is married.
  • Shawn Leanne was born Apr 2, 1971 and is married.

Phyllis Marsh 1943 (G5)

Phyllis was born Feb19, 1943 & married Clifford Hall. They have 3 children

  • Jamie Lee was born Feb 26, 1962. He married Joan on May 18, 1985. They have Sarah Renee, born Aug 22, 1987 and Joseph Douglas, born in March, 1991.
  • Cathy Marie was born April 4, 1963. She married James Frederick O’Donnel on June 21, 1981. They had Chelsea Lynne, born April 6, 1982. Cathy’s second marriage was to Kenneth Aines on June 1, 1990 and they had Chad Spencer, born June 7, 1991.
  • Tracy Lynn was born April 12, 1970. She married David Michael Lopez on Sept 7, 1989. They had Derek.