G5: 1884 Matthew Gilpin

Thomas, Marion & Matthew Gilpin

Matthew Gilpin was born July 4, 1884 in Turnberry Township. He was the fifth child of Barbara and Thomas Gilpin. He was six years old when the family moved to Michigan. As soon as he was old enough, he was put to work in the lumber mills. He left home in 1901, age 17 and went out west, probably to North Dakota. He returned to Michigan and left again in 1907. The best information available indicates that he homesteaded in North Dakota about 1914-1917 then moved to South Dakota He met and married Ethel Barkdell on June 17, 1917 in Winner, South Dakota. Matt farmed most of his life but worked on the railroad at Chamberlain, South Dakota in 1943-1944. Matthew and Ethel Gilpin later moved to Minnesota and then to Exeland, Wisconsin. Matthew died at Exeland April 6, 1957. Ethel moved to live with her daughter Helen at Deer Lodge, Montana, where she died. They had two children, James Morgan and Helen.

James Morgan Gilpin 1919- (G4)

James Morgan was born Aug 12, 1919 in Dixon, South Dakota. He was the oldest child of Matt and Ethel (Barkdell) Gilpin. James married Nina Besaw on Oct 16, 1939. Nina died on May 4, 1992. They had three children; Joan Pearl born Jan 12, 1940;  James Dennis born Feb 12, 1953 and Robin Jean born May 4, 1957.

Helen (Gilpin) Barnett 1921- (G4)

Helen Gilpin was born Aug 25, 1921. She was the second child of Matt and Ethel (Barkdell) Gilpin. She married Delbert Barnett on Oct 16, 1939. They had two children; Lucille born May 12, 1940 and Jack born April 20, 1941.