G5: 1886 Alice (Gilpin) Giddings

Alice Gilpin was born March 24, 1886 in Turnberry Township. She was the youngest child of Barbara and Thomas Gilpin, She married William Wallace Giddings in Hart, Michigan March 11, 1902. She was 15 and he was 29. He was born May 14, 1872. They farmed in the Hart, Michigan. area and later moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Alice Gilpin Giddings died March 10, 1952, and is buried at Grand Rapids, Michigan. William Wallace Giddings died August 25, 1947 and is buried at Grand Rapids.

Eight children were born to this marriage: Myrtle, Elsie, James, Beatrice, William, Roy, Morrice and Lois.

Myrtle Irene (Giddings) Merrells 1902-1970 (G4)

Myrtle Irene Giddings was born Sept 1, 1902. She was the first child of Alice & William Giddings. She married Leon E. Merrells on Aug 24, 1921. Myrtle died Oct 1, 1970 and Leon died May 7, 1967. They had five children: Leberta Christina, Donald Lewis, Bertha May, Fern Violet and Edwin.

Elsie Lorence (Giddings) Wendt 1904- (G4)

Elsie Lorence was born Nov 9, 1904. She was the second child of Alice & William Giddings. She married Arnold Robert Wendt on March 11, 1922. They had two children:

  • Arnold Robert Jr was born Jan 27, 1923. He married Joyce Slavinkas on May 4, 1946.
  • James Martin was born Aug 13, 1925. He married Marjorie Yager June 9, 1945.

James Wallace Giddings 1906- (G4)

James Wallace was born December 29, 1906. He was the third child of Alice & William Giddings. He married Genevieve Van Pappering on June 16, 1939. They had two children:

  • Kathy was born May 26, 1941. She married Donald Asthima in July 1959
  • Christy born Oct 16, 1950. She married James Smolinski Sept 8, 1972.

Beatrice Lillian (Giddings) Ross 1909- (G4)

Beatrice Lillian was born July 8, 1909. She was the fourth child of Alice & William Giddings. She married Thomas Ross on Feb 14, 1929.

William Thomas Giddings 1912-1952 (G4)

William Thomas was born May 21, 1912. He was the fifth child of Alice & William Giddings. He married Rosebell Arthur on Mar 21, 1930. They had a son, William James, born Dec 2, 1930. William James married Peggy Heflin in Sept 1950 and died Aug 25, 1952.

Roy Clifton Giddings 1914- (G4)

Roy Clifton was born Dec 10, 1914. He was the sixth child of Alice & William Giddings. He married Ruth Hesselink on Feb 26, 1940. They had three children:

  • Jeanie was born June 6, 1940. She married Walter Axford on Nov 28, 1958.
  • Jerry
  • Gary

Morrice Lloyd Giddings 1917- (G4)

Morrice Lloyd was born April 6, 1917. He was the seventh child of Alice & William Giddings. He married Esther Bensen June 10, 1967.

Lois Mary Giddings 1919-1919 (G4)

Lois Mary was the eighth child of Alice & William Giddings and she died at eleven months.