G5: 1908 Harold Robert Shiels

Harold Robert Shiels was born November 17, 1908 in Detroit, Michigan. He was the only child of David and Velma Annie Shiels. He lived with his father and stepmother until he was 13, when he went to live with his grandparents Ward in Logan Township, Ontario. Harold moved to Brantford from there and married Marion Ella Forsythe on November 20, 1928. She was born in Brantford on Aug 30, 1928. They moved to Detroit, where Harold worked in auto factories until 1931 and then moved to Amos, Quebec to work in the gold and uranium mines.

Harold was a man of many talents, like his father, and became superintendent of maintenance at the mine. They returned to Brantford in 1939, where Harold obtained employment in a cabinet factory, which made aircraft parts for W.W.2. After the war, the plant began making wood and metal kitchen cabinets. Harold eventually became superintendent of the plant. He left that and was sales rep for an electronics distributor, and then was service engineer for a manufacturer of material handling equipment.

Harold repaired radios and TVs as a side “hobby”. He had his father’s musical talents, as he could play a guitar, an autoharp, piano or organ. Marion’s father gave each of his children a sizeable building lot in the outskirts of Brantford. Harold and Marion built their own home with their own hands there.

Harold and Marion had three children, David, Patricia and Carol. Marion Ella (Forsythe) Shiels died March 26, 1980 and is buried at Brantford. Following Marion’s death, Harold remarried on Aug 25, 1981 to Mary Page. They continued to live in Brantford. Harold Robert Shiels died in April, 1991 and is buried at Brantford.

David Marshall Shiels 1930- (G4)

David Marshall Shiels was born in Detroit April 17, 1930. He was the first child of Harold & Marion Shiels. He graduated from High School in Brantford and on May 22, 1948 he married Doreen Carr. David is a sales representative for a Brantford Company and they live there. Dave and Doreen have three daughters:

Norma Abigail, born November 17, 1948. She married Hugh Brian Lee Merritt on July 12, 1969. They have Brenda Leigh, born August 24, 1971, and Shelby Lynne, born February 15, 1974. “Gall” and Brian live in Brantford and both are school teachers.

Donna Louise, born October 24, 1950. She married Barry Ferguson. Donna is a nurse and Barry is an ambulance driver. They live in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

Susan Marion, born June 1 , 1956, who married Erik Hager. They have Julie Christie, born June 22, 1974.

Patricia (Shiels) Hart 1935- (G4)

Patricia Shiels was born October 14, 1935 in Amos, Quebec. She was the second child of Harold & Marion Shiels. On September 15, 1956 she married Ronald Hart. They have no children. Pat is a beautician and Ron is employed by Gates Rubber Co in Brantford where they live.

Carol (Shiels) Nolan 1944- (G4)

Carol Shiels was born in Brantford on June 16, 1944. She was the third child of Harold & Marion Shiels. On August 19, 1967 she married William Nolan. They have Genevieve Laura, born March 16, 1971, and Colleen Michelle, born September 8, 1972. Carol is a nurse and William is employed by the Ontario Government in social services. They live in London, Ontario, and have a summer home at Port Albert, Ontario.