G4: 1860 Jane (Shiels) Bray

Jane Shiels was born August 10, 1860. She was the second child of George and Susannah Shiels. She attended the school located on the farm adjoining the Shiels homestead, later called Grey Twp #8. She married William Pomeroy Bray on October 15, 1879. He was born in Downie Twp, Perth Cty in 1853. His father, William Bray had emigrated from England alone, and when established, he sent back to England for his fiancé. She came to Canada and met William at Niagara Falls, where they were married.

Mary Palmer, Lorenzo Bray, Annie Ward
David Shiels, William Bray, Jane (Shiels) Bray, Thomas Shiels

They settled in Hullet, where William P was born in 1853 and his sister Eliza Jane was born in 1858. Tradition states that the mother left her husband and children and returned to England. The story is also told that William Sr. walked to Seaforth for salt, a distance of at least 12 miles. He slept overnight in the woods on the way back, having only potatoes to eat on the trip.

The 1881 census shows William Sr, William P & Jane (Shiels) and their firstborn, Mary Agnes, and Eliza Jane Bray all living in Hullet Twp. In 1888 William purchased lot 27, concession 16, Grey Twp. from Hugh W. McKay. William, William P, and William P’s sons Wilbert and John M. all had title to this farm until it passed out of the family in 1925. The farm is still called the “Bray place by old timers in Grey Twp.

Jane (Shiels) Bray died January 18, 1908. Her tombstone says “Eliza Jane” but it is in error, as she had no middle name. William Pomeroy Bray’s sister was “Eliza Jane”, and this is the source of the error. William Pomeroy Bray died January 18, 1931, having remarried twice after the death of Jane. Both Jane and William P are buried at Brussels.

William and Jane had nine children: Mary Agnes; Susanna Jane; Lorenzo; William George; Wilbert; Ella May; John Melbourne; Elmer Cranston & Irwin. Jane & William lost 3 children quite young. Lorenzo was born in 1886 and died in 1907. William George was born in 1888 and died in 1906. Irwin only lived for 5 months and also died in 1906.

Mary Agnes (Bray) Palmer 1880-1906 (G3)

Mary Agnes Bray was born Aug 9, 1880 in Hullet Twp. She was the first child of William P and Jane (Shiels) Bray. She married William Palmer, who was born in 1875.

Mary was always called “Millie” by the family. She died June 20, 1906 and is buried at Wroxeter, Ontario. She had no children. William Palmer remarried. He died in 1957 and is buried at Wroxeter beside Millie. His second wife is also buried beside them.

Susannah Jane (Bray) Ward 1884-1962 (G3)

Susannah Jane Bray was born in 1884 in McKillop Twp. She was the second child of William P and Jane (Shiels) Bray. She married Robert Arthur Ward. Susannah was always called “Annie” and her husband “Art”. They farmed in Grey or Morris Twp all their married lives. Two of Art’s sisters, Velma Annie and Marjorie Ellen married into the Shiels family also. Annie died March 18, 1962 at Blyth, Ontario and Art died Nov 22, 1958. Both are buried at Blyth. Art and Annie had 2 daughters, Ethel and Gladys.

Ethel Jane (Ward) Fischer 1908-1990 (G4)

Ethel Jane Ward was born June 4, 1908. She was the first child of Art & Annie (Bray) Ward. She married Wilfred Karl Fischer. They farmed lot 14, Con. 9 Grey Twp until they moved to Brussels in 1970. Wilfred died Mar. 26, 1981. Ethel died June 30, 1990. Both are buried at Brussels. Ethel & Wilfred had eight children; Goldie; Ivan; Betty Doreen; Roy;  Maxine; Gerald Ross; Shirley and Sharon.

Gladys (Ward) Jacklin 1912-1992 (G4)

Gladys Ward was born June 25, 1912. She was the second child of Art & Annie (Bray) Ward. She married Andrew Jacklin on Sept 24, 1930. They had no children and farmed in Grey Twp until the marriage failed.

Gladys married Wellington Hopper. Gladys and Wellington lived in St. Thomas, Ontario. Gladys died Jan 7, 1992.

Lorenzo Bray 1886-1907 (G3)

Lorenzo Bray was born June 2, 1886 in McKillop Twp. He was the third child of William P and Jane (Shiels) Bray. He never married and died Aug 4, 1907.

William George Bray 1888-1900 (G3)

William George Bray was born Jan 16, 1888 in McKillop Twp. He was the fourth child of William P and Jane (Shiels) Bray. He died on Dec 18, 1900 at the age of twelve.

Wilbert Bray 1889-1962 (G3)

Wilbert was born in 1889. He was the fifth child of William P and Jane (Shiels) Bray. The family always called him “Bert”. He married Sarah Ann Ward on April 12, 1916. Sarah was always called Annie. Wilbert farmed and worked at various jobs in Grey Twp all his life. Wilbert died Aug 18, 1962 and Sarah Ann died Jun 24, 1982. Both are buried at Brussels. They had four sons: William Glen; Clifford Warden; Wilbert Kenneth and Stanley Elwood.

William Glen Bray 1918- (G4)

William Glen Bray was born Sept 1, 1918. He was the first child of Wilbert & Sarah (Ward) Bray. He married Evelyn Parr on Nov 11, 1939 and had three children; Evelyn Jean born Jun 18, 1940; Murray Milton Wilbert born May 26, 1943 and Glenna Ruth born Oct 2, 1945.

Clifford Warden Bray 1920-1998 (G4)

Clifford Warden Bray was born Sept 20, 1920. He was the second child of Wilbert & Sarah (Ward) Bray. He married Priscilla Raymond on Nov 15, 1941. Clifford died May 7, 1998 and is buried at Wingham. They had three children; Charles Warden; Donald Kenneth and Barbara Ann.

Wilbert Kenneth Bray 1923-1991 (G4)

Wilbert Kenneth Bray was born May 22, 1923. He was the third child of Wilbert & Sarah (Ward) Bray. He married Helen Smalldon on April 14, 1945. Wilbert Kenneth died Aug 1, 1991 and is buried in Brussels. They had two children;  Larry born Jun 18, 1951 and Shirley born Mar 27, 1957.

Stanley Elwood Bray 1925- (G4)

Stanley Elwood Bray was born Apr 18, 1925. He was the fourth child of Wilbert & Sarah (Ward) Bray. He married Marjorie Jacklin on Jun 9, 1945. They had two children; Douglas born Sept 23, 1950 and  Sheila born Oct 23, 1953.

Ella (Bray) Kennedy 1891-1972 (G3)

Ella May Bray was born Nov 2, 1891. She was the sixth child of William P and Jane (Shiels) Bray. She married Andrew Chapman Kennedy. Andrew preferred to be called “George” for some personal reason. He served in the Canadian Armed Forces in World War #1.

His war wounds prevented him from holding jobs involving hard manual labour, so he earned a living performing clerical functions, such as timekeeping for various companies in Brantford, Galt etc. “George” and Ella had four children; Douglas; Ruth; Gladys and John.

Ella May (Bray) Kennedy died April 2, 1972.

Douglas Chapman Kennedy 1919-1998 (G4)

Douglas Chapman Kennedy was born Nov 19, 1919. He was the first child of George & Ella (Bray) Kennedy. He married Pearl Lapp on Jan 29, 1942. Doug served in the Armed Forces during WW2. Following that service, he worked for the railroad and as a civilian employee of the Canadian Air Force. Douglas Chapman Kennedy died February 7, 1998, age 78. Doug and Pearl have four children: Douglas; Garry; Daniel and Linda.

Douglas Allan Kennedy 1944- (G5)

Douglas Allan John was born Sept 25, 1944. He married Fay Lillian Frelone on July 17, 1965. Fay died April 2, 1969. Douglas married Sheila Marie Wilhelm on May 2, 1970 and they had Annette Marie (Oct 17, 1970) and Norman Edward (Dec 24, 1972).

Garry Andrew Kennedy 1946- (G5)

Garry Andrew was born Nov 2, 1946. He married Marlee Carlson Nov 2, 1979. Garry died in Aug 27, 1992. They had no children.

Daniel George Kennedy 1950- (G5)

Daniel George was born April 26, 1950. He married Diane Rosemary Chapman and had Julia Patricia. They were divorced in 1968 and Daniel married Karen Leah Robinson on April 25, 1980.

Linda (Kennedy) De Rycke 1954- (G5)

Linda Jeanette was born April 12, 1954. She married Robert Joseph De Rycke in Feb. 1972. They have Nicole Maureen Ann (Oct 4, 1972) and Robert Douglas (Oct 31, 1974).

Ruth Ella (Kennedy) Ellington 1921- (G4)

Ruth Ella Kennedy was born Dec 29, 1921. She was the second child of George & Ella (Bray) Kennedy. She married Berry Privet Ellington on February 6, 1943. They farmed in southern Ontario and now spend winters in Florida. They have four children; Dennis Andrew Chapman, Karen Lee, Patricia Lynne and Deborah.

Dennis Ellington 1943- (G5)

Dennis Andrew Chapman was born Dec 14, 1943. On Feb 4, 1966 he married Catherine Barker and they had Jennifer Lynn on Dec 7, 1972 and Jeffery on Oct 21, 1974.

Karen (Ellington) Reed 1945- (G5)

Karen Lee was born June 8, 1945. She married Brian Arthur Reed on April 19, 1969 and they have Melissa Lee (Oct 24, 1972) and Michelle Lynn (Dec 24, 1974).

Patricia (Ellington) Houlebeck 1946- (G5)

Patricia Lynne was born Oct 28, 1946. She married Ronald Houlebeck on Oct 12, 1966 and they had Cheryl Ann (Apr 14, 1967), Teena Marie (Sept 29, 1970) and Ronald Jason.

Deborah (Ellington) Fisher 1943- (G5)

Deborah Colleen was born June 4, 1951. She married Frederick Fisher on Oct 12, 1971. They have Amy Kathleen and Christopher Charles.

Gladys Kathleen (Kennedy) Leggett 1926- (G4)

Gladys Kathleen Kennedy was born Feb 16, 1926. She was the third child of George & Ella (Bray) Kennedy. She married Richard Gordon Leggett on Nov 19, 1949.

They farmed in Huron County and then lived in various towns in the London area, including London proper. “Dick” worked as a carpenter and an operator of heavy construction equipment. They now live in Ingersoll, where Dick is semi-retired and a “gentleman farmer”. Dick and Gladys have three sons: Gordon John, Sidney Raymond and Donald James.

John Rennie Kennedy 1930- (G4)

John Rennie Kennedy was born Sept 8, 1930. He was the fourth child of George & Ella (Bray) Kennedy. On April 1, 1959 he married Lois Gilkinson and they live in Goderich, Ontario, where he has farmed and also is employed in a factory. They had two sons, Norman John born Apr 17, 1960 and Terry William born April 27, 1962.

John Bray 1895-1963 (G3)

John Melbourne Bray was born April 8, 1895. He was the seventh child of William P and Jane (Shiels) Bray. He married Margaret Henrietta Ziemann on May 30, 1927. They farmed lot 27, con 15, Grey twp until they moved to Listowel, Ont, where “Jack” (as he was always called) entered the Real Estate business. They had one daughter, Margaret Jean, born Mar 8, 1928. She married Harry Lang and they farmed near Harriston, Ont. They had no children and Harry died in 1984. Jean now lives at Mount Forest, Ont. John Melbourne died June 7, 1963 and his wife Margaret died July 1, 1976. Both are buried at Listowel, Ont.

Elmer Bray 1898-1953 (G3)

Elmer Cranston Bray was born July 16, 1898. He was the eighth child of William P and Jane (Shiels) Bray. He married Elizabeth Susan Rowland. They lived in the St. Catherines, Ont area, where he worked for the railroad. Elizabeth died in Listowel and is buried at Ethel, Ont. They had three children, Clarence Rowland  born Nov 17, 1923; Harvey born Oct 16, 1924 and Greta Elizabeth born Jan 31, 1926.