G4: 1874 Jemima Shiels & George Arkless Hart

This page provides details on Jemima Shiels & George Arkless Hart and their descendants.

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G4: Jemima Shiels 1874-1902 & George Arkless Hart

Jemima Shiels was born April 11, 1874. She was the eighth child of George and Susannah (Wortley) Shiels.

She attended Grey Twp school #8, at the corner of the family homestead. Records published in “The Brussels Post” of 1886 show “Jemima Shiels, highest mark 3rd class-March” and “Jemima Shiels, highest mark 4th class-April”.

On May 16, 1898 she married George Arkless Hart. George was born April 11, 1874, the third son of Henry Hart, who came from Devonshire, England and emigrated to McKillop Twp, Huron County. 

Jemima and George Hart had no children. They farmed on the 14th concession of Elma Twp, Perth County.

Jemima died on October 23, 1902. Jemima’s sister Ellen kept house for them during Jemima’s lengthy illness and remained to keep house for George after Jemima died. George later moved to a farm in Hullet Twp Huron County. George died there on September 22, 1906.

Jemima and George are buried in Lot 73, section “F”, in Brussels Cemetery. Their place of burial was unknown to the family until 1982, when the Village of Brussels assumed ownership of the local cemetery, which had been operated by a voluntary association. Ontario bylaws requested all cemeteries to correct and update all of their records. In this process, the Brussels people discovered a record showing that Ellen (Shiels) Ford had been buried at Brussels in 1931. They so notified her son, stating that no upkeep had been paid on the lot since 1951. They were shown that Mrs. Ford had died in 1951 in Grand Rapids, Mich. and is buried there. Research showed that Mrs. Ford had assumed responsible ownership of Lot 73, Section F, at Brussels in 1931, but her sister and brother-in-law, Jemima and George Hart are buried there. Ellen Ford had left no arrangements for continuing payment when she died in 1951. The plot contains five graves, of which only two were used. Ellen’s son, William G. Ford, negotiated an arrangement whereby the Cemetery accepted ownership of the remaining three graves in return for cancelling the debt and establishing perpetual care on the graves of Jemima and George Hart.