G4: 1867 Robert Shiels

Robert & Annie

Robert Shiels was born April 1, 1867. He was the fifth child of George Shiels and Susannah (Wortley) Shiels. He attended school #8 and worked on the home farm until he took up partnership with Henry (Harry) Hart in a blacksmith shop at Leadbury. Leadbury is a crossroads settlement 7-1/2 miles north of Seaforth in McKillop Twp. On March 15, 1893 Robert married Anne E. Combs.

She was a sister of Frances Mary Combs, who later married George Shiels Jr, Robert’s brother. Robert and Anne lived at Walton, 2-1/2 miles north of Leadbury. They had six children, Jenetta, Leslie, Norman, Melvin, Elizabeth & Leslie.

Robert Shiels died January 9, 1901 and is buried at Brussels. Anne E. (Combs) Shiels remarried to James Parrish. The Robert Shiels family Bible shows four children born of her second marriage. She died March 13, 1929 and is also buried at Brussels.

Jenetta Susannah Shiels 1894-1900 (G3)

Jenetta Susannah Shiels was born Mar 9, 1894 and died May 19, 1900. She was the first child of Robert & Annie (Combs) Shiels. She is buried at Brussels, Ontario.

Leslie Alvin Shiels 1895-1897 (G3)

Leslie Alvin Shiels was born Feb 18, 1895 and died Mar 28, 1897. He was the second child of Robert & Annie (Combs) Shiels. He is also buried at Brussels.

Elizabeth (Shiels) Johnston 1898-1975 (G3)

Elizabeth Harriet Shiels was born July 1, 1898. She was the fifth child of Robert & Annie (Combs) Shiels. On Feb 12, 1916 she married George Carswell Johnston.

After George returned from serving with the Canadian Armed Forces in WW1, they began farming lot 6 con 4 Grey Twp. From there they moved to lot 1 con 2 Morris Twp, where they lived out their lives.

Elizabeth was always called Bessie by all the family. George Carswell Johnston died on Jan 5, 1959. Bessie died on Nov 30, 1975. They had three children, Lois Marie, MacLeod Arthur (Mac) and Robert.

Lois Marie Johnston was born Sept 7, 1916. She married Clarence Borho in 1949. He died in 1969 and she married Robert Warwick in 1973. He died in 1974. They had no children. Lois moved to Goderich and died there on Nov 15, 1988.

MacLeod Arthur (Mac) Johnston was born Dec 9, 1921. He married Laura Yuill. Mac worked in a sawmill and lost his life when the sawmill was destroyed by fire Feb 19, 1951.

They had one son, George Arthur MacLeod, born Mar 6, 1950. On Jan 2, 1971, George married Mary Elizabeth Grasby and they had a daughter, Tara Lynn born Jan. 16, 1975.

Robert Johnston was born April 25, 1926. He married Beverly Kumm and they had two children William Robert, born April 3, 1958 and Sandra Marie, born March 18, 1967.

Leslie Christopher Shiels 1900-1900 (G3)

Leslie Christopher Dickerson Shiels was born July 19, 1900 and died Sept 17, 1900. He was the sixth child of Robert & Annie (Combs) Shiels. He is buried at Brussels.


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