G5: 1897 Melvin Robert Shiels

Melvin Robert Shiels was born Jan 8, 1897. He was the fourth child of Robert and Annie (Combs) Shiels. He served in the Canadian Armed Forces in WW1 and after returning from overseas service, he moved to Detroit, Michigan. He obtained employment with the J. L. Hudson Company, the largest department store in the city of Detroit. He remained there all his working life.

On Sept 7, 1927, Melvin married Mary Edith Jacklin. Melvin and Edith adopted Cavell Pauline Shiels, a daughter of Norman and Grace Kellington Shiels, Melvin’s brother and sister-in-law. Grace died when Cavell was less than a year old. Melvin and Edith changed the baby’s name to Shirley Pauline at the time of adoption.

Melvin Robert Shiels died March 13, 1958, and is buried at Detroit. Mary Edith died Sept 4, 2001 and is buried at Rochester, Michigan.

Shirley was born Feb 18, 1939. She grew up in Detroit and was employed by Uniroyal, a major maker of tires. On Sept 3, 1966, she married Lynn Tucker. The marriage failed in 1977. Shirley moved to Rochester, Michigan and has now retired from Uniroyal.