G4: 1864 Susannah (Shiels) Carmichael

Susannah Shiels was born June 22, 1864. She was the fourth child of George and Susannah (Wortley) Shiels. She attended school at Grey Twp. # 8, located on the farm adjacent to her parents homestead. On June 5, 1889 she married Angus Carmichael. Angus was born in 1857 in Kilmarnock, Scotland and emigrated with is parents to settle on lot 20 con 17 Grey Twp. In 1892 Angus became owner of the farm.

Angus and Susannah lived out their lives on the home farm. They had five children, John, Angus, Susannah Ellen, Mabel & James. Susannah (Shiels) Carmichael died April 28, 1912 and is buried at Brussels. Angus Carmichael died March 6, 1935 and is also buried at Brussels.

Ethel Hart, Angus, Mabel & Stan Kitchen, George, Nellie, John
Jim, Susannah (Shiels), Angus, John

John George Carmichael 1890-1952 (G3)

John George Carmichael was born June 12, 1890. He was the first child of Angus and Susannah (Shiels) Carmichael and he never married. He lived on the home place until his fathers death and then moved to Goderich to work in the sawmill. He died April 5, 1952 and is buried at Goderich.

Angus Shiels Carmichael 1894-1946 (G3)

Angus Shiels Carmichael was born May 16, 1894. He was the second child of Angus and Susannah (Shiels) Carmichael. He lived at home until 1918 when he and his father purchased the west half (50 acres) of lot 22 con 16 Grey Twp. He farmed that place until moving to Goderich in the 1943. Angus married Ethel Ruby Hart on June 27, 1923. Two of Ethel’s uncles (Harry and George) married Shiels women. Angus & Ethel had twin boys that did not survive. Angus Shiels Carmichael died Oct 17, 1946 and Ethel Hart Carmichael died April 22, 1979 and they are both buried at Goderich.

Angus and Ethel had a daughter, Verna Annabelle, born May 26, 1928. Verna attended Grey Twp school #8 until her folks moved to Goderich. On Sept. 4, 1948 she married James Robertson. Jim and Verna lived at Goderich their entire married life. Jim was employed at the sawmill and is now retired. Verna died on Aug 22, 1996 of a massive heart attack at age 68. Jim & Verna had three children,

  • James Angus was born Sept 25, 1948. He is married to Debbie and they have two children, Jillian Marie (May 6, 1981) and Cory James (May 10, 1983).
  • Scott Vaughan was born Feb 2, 1959 and died May 31, 1967.
  • Connie Luanna was born June 8, 1969 and died the same day.

Susannah (Carmichael) Hart 1896-1981 (G3)

Susannah Ellen Carmichael was born Nov 19, 1896. She was the third child of Angus and Susannah (Shiels) Carmichael. She attended Grey Twp school # 8 and lived at home until she married George Henry Hart on Aug 30, 1922. Susannah was always called “Nellie”. She and George farmed in Grey Twp their entire married life.

For 35 years, they owned and farmed lot 19, con 15, a farm originally homesteaded by George Shiels, Nellie’s grandfather. George and Nellie had seven children, Angus, Aylmer, Charles, James, Etta, Robert & William. George Henry Hart died Dec 20, 1979 and is buried at Brussels. Susannah Ellen (Carmichael) Hart died Jan 3, 1981 and is also buried at Brussels.

Angus John Hart 1923-1999 (G4)

Angus John Hart was born May 13, 1923. He was the oldest child of George & Nellie (Carmichael) Hart and was always called John. He attended school #8 and lived at home until his mother died. He purchased lot 19 con 16 immediately across the road from his parents’ farm. He never married and died on Jan 24, 1999 at Wingham, Ont.

Aylmer George Hart 1925-1970 (G4)

Aylmer George Hart was born Mar 29, 1925. He was the second child of George & Nellie (Carmichael) Hart and lived at home until he married Deloris Newbigging on Sept 4, 1950. They farmed in Grey Twp and Aylmer died accidentally on July 7, 1970.

Aylmer & Deloris had two daughters:

  • Cheryl was born Dec 5, 1963. She married Tom Hodge. She was married a second time to Herb Gray and they have a daughter Kelsy Ann.
  • Linda was born Aug 19, 1966. She married Don Carter and they had Jodie in 1987.

Charles Henry Hart 1926- (G4)

Charles Henry Hart was born Dec 21, 1926 He was the third child of George & Nellie (Carmichael) Hart and lived at home until he moved to Goderich to work in the sawmill. On May 26, 1949 he married Lily Lightfoot Elliott. They have no children and have lived their entire married life in Goderich. Charlie is now retired from his job at Champion Road Equipment.

James Clifford Hart 1929-1986 (G4)

James Clifford Hart was born Dec 7, 1929. He was the fourth child of George & Nellie (Carmichael) Hart. He lived at home until he married Lois Webster on July 25, 1958. They farmed lot 21 con14 Grey Twp. James Clifford Hart died Nov 22, 1986 and is buried in Baird’s Cemetery, Stanley Twp, Huron Cty. James & Lois had 6 children

  • Joan was born July 26, 1959. She married Don Armstrong and they live in Brussels. They had two children.
  • David born May 28, 1962. He married Susan and they have Daryl & Victoria. They live in Exeter, Ontario.
  • Donna was born Aug 23, 1963. She married John Elston and they had three children and lived in Arva, Ontario. Donna died on Dec 9, 1998.
  • Gerald was born May 19, 1965. He married Susan & lives in Bluevale, Ont.
  • Catherine was born Nov 4, 1967. She married Don Thompson Oct 14, 1989.
  • Beverly was born May 20, 1970 and lives at home.

Etta (Hart) Buchanan 1933-1996 (G4)

Etta Susannah May Hart was born Nov 26, 1933. She was the fifth child of George & Nellie (Carmichael) Hart. She lived at home until she married Fred Buchanan on Sept 1, 1956. They live in Kinburn, Hullet Twp where Fred farms and does miscellaneous jobs. Etta died on Jan 29, 1996. Etta & Fred have four children

  • William was born June 11, 1957 and married Shirley Elaine Taylor in 1975. They have Joseph Raymond John and Jennifer Elaine.
  • Douglas was born May 14, 1959. He is married and has two children.
  • Betty was born April 25, 1963. She is married and has two stepsons.
  • Robert Steven was born May 14, 1966. He is married and has two children.

Robert William Hart 1936- (G4)

Robert William Hart was born June 2, 1936. He was the sixth child of George & Nellie (Carmichael) Hart. He married Muriel Newns. They own and farm lot 18 con16 Grey Twp. They have no children. Bob enjoyed calling square dances for a group that included cousins Shirley and Sharon Coghlin and Jim Quipp.

Mabel (Hart) Anderson 1939- (G4)

Mabel Emma Jean Hart was born April 29, 1939. She was the seventh child of George & Nellie (Carmichael) Hart and lived at home until she began teaching school.

She married Ross Anderson and they farm in Logan Twp, Perth County. They have six children

  • Robert was born Sept 4, 1957. He married Rosemary and they have 4 children.
  • Murray was born Dec 22, 1958 and he married Eleanor.
  • Brenda was born July 4, 1964 and she married Jackson.
  • Mary was born May 9, 1968 and she married Paul Pierre Baes.
  • Steven was born Jan 28, 1971
  • Ann Marie was born April 19, 1975.

Mabel (Carmichael) Kitchen 1901-1939 (G3)

Mabel Richmond Carmichael was born Aug 16, 1901. She was the fourth child of Angus and Susannah (Shiels) Carmichael. She lived at home and attending Grey Twp. school #8. On June 6, 1923, Mabel married William Stanley Kitchen. He was always known as “Stan”. They farmed on the 14th con. of Elma Twp., Perth County. They had one son, William. Mabel Richmond (Carmichael) Kitchen died Jan 9, 1939 and is buried at Atwood, Perth County, Ontario. William Stanley Kitchen died on Jan 18, 1995.

William Albert Angus Kitchen 1924- (G4)

William Albert Angus Kitchen was born April 24, 1924. He was the only child of Stan & Mabel (Carmichael) Kitchen. He has always been known as “Al”. He attended school until enlisting in the Canadian Armed Forces early in WW2. When Al returned from overseas service, he worked at various jobs until he married Irma Elizabeth (Betty) Brewer on June 4, 1947. Al and Betty began married life in an apartment at Brussels and Al delivered milk for many years. They moved to Blyth where he worked as a deliveryman for Canada Bread. He then obtained employment at the General Hospital in Wingham, Ontario and they purchased a home in Bluevale. Irma Elizabeth (Brewer) Kitchen died Nov 5, 1984 and is buried at Brussels. Al & Irma had two children

  • Irma Diane was born May 26, 1952. She married Gordon Bary Guy in October 1970. They lived in Brussels for a number of years and then purchased a home in Bluevale. They had two sons, William Jordan Bary born Feb 26, 1972 and Steven Cameron born May 26, 1973.

Gordon died in an auto accident Feb 12, 1974. Irma remained in their home in Bluevale until she married Clarence David Ross Goll on Oct 24, 1981. He is known as Ross and they live on the Goll farm in Morris Twp, where Ross farms in partnership with his father. Ross and Diane have two daughters; Lisa Dianne born Nov 1, 1982 and Rita Elizabeth born Oct 11, 1984.

  • William Stanley Vern was born March 18, 1955 and died March 19, 1955.

James Darwin Carmichael 1903-1964 (G3)

James Darwin Carmichael was born Feb 13, 1903. He was the fifth child of Angus and Susannah (Shiels) Carmichael. He attended school #8 and lived at home until he moved to Goderich to work in the sawmill following his father’s death in 1935.

On August 13, 1938 he married Wilma Edith Grigg. They had four children, John, Lillian, Mabel & Edna.

James Darwin Carmichael died Nov 22, 1964 and is buried at Goderich. Wilma Edith Grigg Carmichael died in Nov 1981 and is buried at Listowel, Perth County.

  • John Martin Carmichael was born July 17, 1936. He married Sharon Broughton on Mar 7, 1964 and had four children, Judy Lynn born Jan 6, 1965; Donald John born July 16, 1966; Nancy Ann born Dec 28, 1967 and Joseph Darwin born Aug. 28, 1970. John and Sharon’s marriage ended and he was remarried to Doris in Mar 1976. John died Mar 3, 2000.
  • Lillian Carmichael was born Mar 23, 1938. She married Lundy Priestap. They had Maxine Virginia (Apr 2, 1956), Dwain (Sept 16, 1957), Brian John (Jul 12, 1959), Joanna (Sept 27, 1960) , Kevin, Bradley and Cheryl Ann. Lillian died June 17, 1998.
  • Mabel Edith Carmichael was born April 7, 1942. She married Robert William Henry Schaus on Sept 26, 1959. They had Richard Gerald (Feb 10, 1960), Christina May (Jan 7, 1963), Valerie Laurene (Jan 31, 1966) and Shellene Jon (Aug 26, 1971).
  • Edna Joan Carmichael was born Sept 13, 1947. She married Garry Willis Machan on Dec 9, 1967. They had Rhonda May (Apr 17, 1968) and Cynthia Ann (Feb 10, 1971).