G5: 1887 Ethel (Shiels) Thompson

Ethel Dorothy Shiels was born Oct 10, 1887. She was the only child of Thomas and Jessie Shiels. Ethel was educated in Detroit and began working for her father in his architectural office after finishing school. She married Robert Thompson and they lived in Detroit. Robert worked for Ford Motor Company his entire life. He retired at age 65. Robert and Ethel had five children, Ellen, Robert, Kenneth, Virginia and Jean. Ethel Dorothy (Shiels) Thompson died July 11, 1982 and is buried at Detroit. Her husband Robert Thompson pre-deceased her and is also buried at Detroit.

Ellen Mildred (Thompson) Hosang 1911- (G4)

Ellen Mildred Thompson was born Oct 22, 1911. She was the first child of Robert & Ethel (Shiels) Thompson. She married Anthony Hosang in February 1937. Anthony was a Detroit policeman. Ellen and Anthony had no children. When Anthony retired from police work he opened a dog kennel business in Port Austin, Mich. Anthony died May 7, 1984.

Robert Thomas Thompson 1916-1982 (G4)

Robert Thomas Thompson was born June 10, 1916. He was the second child of Robert & Ethel (Shiels) Thompson. He married Eleanor and they had two daughters Barbara and Gail. Robert’s second marriage was to Lucille Carter. They had three daughters Karen, Beverley and Roberta. Robert was injured in an automobile accident and one leg never healed completely. Robert died on August 7, 1982.

Kenneth John Thompson 1918-1977 (G4)

Kenneth John Thompson was born Aug 9, 1918. He was the third child of Robert & Ethel (Shiels) Thompson. He married Muriel Cole on Sept 26, 1953. Kenneth was a chef and a caterer. He worked in many good restaurants in the Detroit area. He died July 22, 1977 and Muriel died March 13, 1993. They had no children.

Virginia Ethel Thompson 1922-1994 (G4)

Virginia Ethel Thompson was born Feb 28, 1922. She was the fourth child of Robert & Ethel (Shiels) Thompson. She married and had a daughter Lee Ellen, born July 20, 1943. Lee Ellen married George Wimpey and had three children, Scott, Christopher and Julie. Virginia Ethel was married a second time on Nov13, 1954 to Donald J. Robidoux. Virginia Ethel Thompson died December 24, 1994.

Jean Jessie (Thompson) Robinson 1927- (G4)

Jean Jessie Thompson was born August 7, 1927. She was the fifth child of Robert & Ethel (Shiels) Thompson. She married Freeman Henry Robinson and they had two children, Robert Freeman (Oct 5, 1947) and Linda Jean. Robert married Tammie Jaques and Linda married Nicholas Emery. Jean also married a second time to Billy Brim.