G6: 1927 Clifford Shiels

Cliff Shiels

Cliff Shiels was born May 14, 1927 near Stoughton, Saskatchewan. He was the second youngest son of John and Pearl (Gerry) Shiels. Cliff moved around with his parents and after his mother died, they moved to Manitoba.

As work was very scarce he decided to go East. In 1944 he left with a friend, Keith Mahood and ended up in Peterborough, Ontario. He started working for Canadian General Electric.

He met his mate, Lenore Grisdale, and they were married on November 9, 1946. They had a family of six children; Stephen November 3, 1948; Sandra September 22, 1952; Scott September 19, 1953; Sheila April 8, 1956; David July 2, 1959; and Brian August 19, 1960. Their third child, Scott, only lived a short time and the youngest son, Brian, died at age 19 in an automobile accident February 9, 1980.

Lenore and Cliff

Cliff and Lenore lived in Peterborough near the world renowned Hydraulic Lift Locks until fall of 1981 when they bought a lot on Seymour Lake near Campbellford, Ontario, about 30 miles south of Peterborough. They moved to a larger lot and built on an addition. Cliff and Lenore drove back & forth to Peterborough for work. Cliff continued to work for General Electric until he retired and Lenore worked at Colonial Weaving later joining the Dietary department of Civic Hospital in Peterborough prior to retiring. Cliff and Lenore travelled south to Florida in the winter each year.

The entire family is very musically talented. Cliff played the guitar, fiddle and sang. Lenore joined in song with Stephen, Sandra, Sheila and David all picking on the guitar and singing harmony. The family would often sing by a campfire on warm summer evenings or cosy up in the living room when the weather turned cold.

Seymore Lake Jamboree

Cliff and Lenore hosted many Seymore Lake Jamborees at their home by the lake. A stage with live Seymore Lake Jamboree entertainment and big barbeque drew family and friends from far and wide. Three or four bands would entertain throughout the event with an ever popular amateur hour. Funds generated from the event were donated to the Canadian Cancer Society which ironically took Cliff’s life in October 1991. Cliff will long be remembered for the good times he shared and the courage he showed during his long battle with cancer.

Lenore has since moved back to Peterborough near family and friends. She presently resides at a lovely seniors apartment building near Mount St. Joseph’s where she continues her enjoyment of music, laughter and song.

Stephen Shiels 1948- (G5)

Bonnie, Rohan, Christina, Stephen, Maru, Jason

Stephen Shiels was born November 3, 1948. He was the oldest child of Cliff & Lenore (Grisdale) Shiels. He married Bonnie Delong on July 11, 1970. Bonnie was born February 12, 1952. They have lived in Peterborough all their lives and have two children, Jason born October 30, 1973 and Christina born March 26, 1976.

Stephen worked at Canadian General Electric where he is a specialist in Silver Soldering. Bonnie worked at Wescock prior to joining the dietary department at Extendicare Seniors Residence. They are both retired now and living in Milton, Ontario.

Jason Shiels 1973 (G6)

Jason Shiels was born October 30, 1973 . He was the oldest child of Stephen & Bonnie (Delong) Shiels. Jason lives in Vancouver B.C. where he works in material management with a sporting goods company.

Christina Shiels-Singh 1976 (G6)

Rohan, Everlee, Christina

Christina Shiels was born March 26, 1976. She was the second child of Stephen & Bonnie (Delong) Shiels. Christina works as a Law Clerk at a law firm in Toronto, Ontario.

Christina married Rohan Singh in 2012 and have a beautiful daughter Everlee.

Sandra (Shiels) Sheehan-Johnson 1952- (G5)

Sandra Shiels was born September 22, 1952. She was the second child of Cliff & Lenore (Grisdale) Shiels. She married Paul Sheehan on July 21, 1973. Paul was born December 16, 1952. They had three sons; Michael Paul born September 3, 1977; Matthew Brian born May 9, 1980 and Ryan Joseph born June 4, 1982. Michael lives in Toronto, Ontario where he works at his trade of silk screening, Matthew lives in Montreal and the youngest son Ryan currently resides in Peterborough.

Neil & Sandra’s Wedding 2000

Sandra remarried Neil Joseph Johnson on March 25, 2000. Neil has two children from a former marriage, Bradley Russell born August 10, 1976 and Kimberly Nicole born August 20 1978. Brad works with his father in the family business Johnston Heating and Ventilation. Kim resides in Kitchener, Ontario and works as a customs broker. Sandra continues to work at what was the St. Joseph’s General Hospital and is now the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

Sheila (Shiels) Crook 1956- (G5)

Sheila was born April 8, 1956 at St Joseph’s hospital in Peterborough, Ontario. She was the third child of Cliff & Lenore (Grisdale) Shiels. Sheila attended Sir Sandford Fleming college graduating with a Social Service Diploma in 1977. She married her high school sweetheart, Michael Thomas Crook on May 21, 1977.

Mike, Andrew, Sheila, Nicholas

Mike was born November 9, 1953. Mike joined the banking business with Scotia Bank following graduation resulting in several relocations across Ontario, Sheila held several positions in social work and latter specialized in Addiction. She continued her education obtaining a degree in organizational and educational psychology. She started her own consulting company in 1990 and has worked with Ford Motor Company of Canada as an internal consultant since 1996.

Their first child; Andrew Joseph was born July 7, 1981 at Peterborough Civic Hospital. In 1983 the family moved from Peterborough to Orleans, Ontario, a community just outside of Ottawa, the Nations Capital. Their second child; Nicholas William was born August 1985 at Ottawa General Hospital. From Ottawa the family moved to Mississauga, Ontario, where they spent 5 years. In 1990 they moved to Belleville Ontario and finally relocated to their current residence of London, Ontario in 1995. The oldest son Andrew is attending Western University in London, Ontario and Nicholas is in his second year of high school.

David Shiels 1959- (G5)

David Shiels was born July 2nd, 1959. He was the fifth child of Cliff & Lenore (Grisdale) Shiels. He moved to Calgary after he finished school and lived there for a year and a half. He moved back to Peterborough and on June 27, 1981 he married Lisa McCallum born February 25, 1961. They live in Peterborough, Ontario where David works in the Housekeeping Department of what was Civic Hospital and is now the Peterborough Regional Health Centre while Lisa works in accounting for Home Depot. They have three sons; Adrian born May 28, 1983, David Jr. born July 1st, 1986 and Clark born June 17, 1988. Adrian is in his last year of high school and works part-time at Canadian Tire. David Jr. is in his second year of high school at Thomas A Stewart Secondary School while Clark in grade 7 attends Armour Heights Public School.

Cliff, David, Lisa, Lenore