G6: 1925 Donald James Shiels

Bud & Nelline

Donald James Shiels, or Bud as he was known, was born May 5, 1925 at Vancouver, BC. He was the second child of James and Minne (Coe) Shiels. He completed his schooling after the family moved to Marysville, BC and entered into the forest industry with his father. He was also seriously considering a career as a professional golfer.

Moving to Quesnel with the family, he continued working in various sawmills in Central, BC and the Lower Mainland. He became very proficient and was in demand as an excellent sawyer and scaler.

On November 8, 1948, he married Nelline Marie Schug at Keremeos, BC. Bud and Nelline lived principally between Penticton and Quesnel until his death in Vancouver on April 21, 1970 from heart failure. He was buried in Vancouver. Nelline still lives at Keremeos.

Bud and Nelline had six children: Claire, Robert, Franklin, Richard, Dan and Karen.

Claire Maureen (Shiels) Carlton 1951- (G5)

Claire Maureen Shiels was born July 13, 1951. She was the first child of Bud & Nelline (Schug) Shiels. She married Larry Ray Carlton on September 26, 1970 and they have two children; Colin Elliott Edwin, born January 27, 1971 and Amber Dawn Reni, born November 14, 1976. Larry & Maureen lived in Penticton, BC when they were first married. Larry began his career in mining and the family moved around BC and finally settled in Olalla,BC where they still live. Larry now has his own painting business and also works as a bartender. Claire has ked in home support for almost 21 years.

Amber was married to William Arnott on June 13, 1998 in Keremeos, BC. They have two children, Lloyd Christian Carlton, born March 20,1996 and Coby William Arnott born November 23, 1999.

Cory has two children, Hayli Gayle born October 25, 1999 and Aurora born on October 24, 2000.

Robert Shiels 1952- (G5)

Robert Shiels was born October 16, 1952. He was the second child of Bud & Nelline (Schug) Shiels. Robert is single and lives in Surrey, BC. He work with heavy machinery and operates a metal crusher in Vancouver.

Franklin Shiels 1953- (G5)

Franklin Shiels was born September 4, 1953. He was the third child of Bud & Nelline (Schug) Shiels. He married Geraldine Ann Isaac on April 24, 1976. They have three children: Curtis Franklin, born March 15, 1979; Michelle Kathleen, born September 3, 1980 and Rory Tylor, born August 6, 1985.

Frank and Geraldine have split up and Frank now lives with Gina Lynn Arpe in Keremeos with their son Kyle, born April 16, 1985. Frank works in a sawmill in Princeton. Frank & Gina also started G and F Quarterhorses in 1994 while still living in McLeese Lake. They moved their business to Keremeos in 2000.

Richard Shiels 1956- (G5)

Richard Shiels was born July 12, 1956. He was the fourth child of Bud & Nelline (Schug) Shiels. He married Debra Ann Wheeler on February 18, 1977. They have two children; Richard Anthony, born May 9, 1978 and Jimmy Scott, born Mar 5, 1980.

Richard and Debra have since divorced and Richard now lives in Keremeos, BC. He worked in mining for many years before moving to the sawmills. Richard now works in the Orchards around Keremeos.

Dan Shiels 1961- (G5)

Dan Shiels was born May 23, 1961. He was the fifth child of Bud & Nelline (Schug) Shiels. Dan lives in Keremeos and operates his own business with lawn care in the summer and snow removal in the winter.

Karen Louise Shiels 1963- (G5)

Karen Louise Shiels was born June 21, 1963. She was the sixth child of Bud & Nelline (Schug) Shiels. Karen Louise married Kerrigan Bjornson on July 7, 1988 at Keremeos. Karen was remarried to Gordon Bull in October 1998 and is now on her own. She lives in Kamloops and works in a grocery store. Karen is very athletic and has many long excursions on her mountain bike.