G7: 1946 Roberta (Shiels Green) Campbell

This page provides details on Roberta June Shiels & her descendants.

  • G7: Roberta June Shiels 1946 & Percy Green & Don Campbell
    • G8: Laverne (Green Gillespie) St Clair 1964
    • G8: Bobby Green 1966
    • G8: Keith Green 1969
    • G8: Charles Green 1980

G7: Roberta June Shiels 1946 & Percy Green & Don Campbell

Roberta June Shiels was born June 26, 1946 in Selkirk, Manitoba. She was the third child of Robert & Leona (Hayward) Shiels.

Roberta married Percy Green and had three children: Laverne 1964; Bobby 1966 and Keith 1969.

Roberta & Percy were divorced in 1970 and Roberta was remarried to Don Campbell on July 18, 1992. Don & Roberta have a son Charles.

Don worked at Pallister Furniture and Roberta worked as a home care worker for many years. They live in Winnipeg.





G8: Laverne Green 1964 & Dale Gillespie & Steve St Clair

Laverne Margaret Rose Green was born May 10, 1964. She was the first child of Percy & Roberta (Shiels) Greene.

Laverne married Dale Gillespie and have two children, Blair, born May 31, 1988 and Megan born July 10, 1991.

They have since divorced and Laverne moved to Cochrane, Alberta with Steve St Clair.

They have a son, Robert James Irvin, born February 1, 2000. Steve is a carpenter and in August 2001, they moved to Hawaii for a four year contract.





G8: Bobby Green 1966 & Shelly Leitch

Robert Percival (Bobby) Green was born August 28, 1966. He was the second child of Percy & Roberta (Shiels) Green.

Bobby married Shelly Leitch on August 19, 1989.

Bobby worked for Wonder Shows for many years until it was sold. He is now part owner in the Grand Prix Amusement Park, just east of Winnipeg on the Trans Canada Highway.

Shelly died on August 23, 1997, in Grande Prairie, Alberta, at the age of 27.

G8: Keith Green 1969

 Keith Michael Green was born December 10, 1969. He was the third child of Percy & Roberta (Shiels) Green.

Keith married Stacy Strutt and they have three children, Samantha Ashley Mohalla, born August 17, 1997; Alexandria Destiny, born November 2, 1999 and Michael Robert Anthony, born October 6, 2001.

Keith is working as a drywaller and travels outside Winnipeg doing commercial buildings.

G8: Charles Campbell 1980

Charles Donald Joseph Campbell was born September 30, 1980. He was the first child of Don & Roberta (Shiels) Campbell. Charles works for his brother Bobby at Grand Prix Amusement Park.