G4: 1864 John Shiels

John & Christine Shiels

John was born January 21, 1864. He was the fifth child of William & Agnes (Brown) Shiels. He married Christine Bryden. They had three children in Scotland: William born in 1886, Nellie, born in 1888, and George born in 1890. George died when he was only 5 years old in Scotland. John ran a dairy farm while he lived in Scotland.

John and Christine’s son William emigrated to Canada in 1902 at the age of 16. Two years later John, Christine and Nellie also emigrated to Canada and gained access to a homestead north of Kisbey, Sask in March 1904. The farm was 18 miles from Kisbey in the Moose Mountains.

John was a very interesting man. He like poetry and enjoyed reading. He also liked to play ball in his cow pasture in their leisure time. When John and Christine retired from farming, they moved to a small house in Kisbey behind their daughter’s house. They lived there for the rest of their lives. John died in 1946, Christine in 1941, both being buried at Kisbey, Saskatchewan.

Janet, John & William Shiels