G6: 1912 Kathleen (Shiels) Zryd

Claire and Kathleen

Kathleen Shiels was born November 30, 1912. She was the first child of William and Janet (Pollock) Shiels. Kathleen married Clair Zryd in Winnipeg, Manitoba and stayed there for about a year prior to moving to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Clair was a travelling salesman and worked for Congdon Marsh Wholesale selling boots and shoes.

Kathleen died August 19, 1998. Clair died in 1991.

Kathleen & Clair had three children, John, Patricia & Barbara.

John William Zryd 1939 – (G5)

John Zryd

John William Zryd was born July 19, 1939. He was the first child of Clair & Kathleen (Shiels) Zryd. He married Annette Helen (Peggy) Powers on November 24, 1962. John operates his own business refinishing furniture in Alberta. John & Peggy were divorced and John has been remarried to Janet. John & Peggy had three children

  • David was born in 1956. He married Nancy Wilmot from Manitoba and they have two children, Jonah born in 1992 and Annie born in 1995. David & Nancy live in Port Albernie, BC.
  • Robert William was born in 1965. He married Sally Jean Cowan and they have two children, William & Adrian. They live in British Columbia.
  • Micheal is not married and is a University Professor in Ontario.

Patricia Anne (Zryd) Collins 1941- (G5)

Pat, Donald, Mathew,
William, Matt, John

Patricia Anne Zryd was born October 5, 1941. She was the second child of Clair & Kathleen (Shiels) Zryd. She married Matthew Collins and they live in Edmonton. Pat is now retired and Matthew works for the Provincial Government. They have four children

  • Donald is not married and lives in Edmonton.
  • Mathew married Karen and live in Ft. McMurray, Alberta.
  • William married Pam and have two children, Jamie and Dillon.
  • John married Angela and lives in Vancouver.

Barbara Kathleen (Zryd) Wright 1947 – (G5)

Richard, Barb, Christine, David,

Barbara Kathleen Zryd was born August 22, 1947. She was the third child of Clair & Kathleen (Shiels) Zryd. She married David Wright and they live in Regina, Saskatchewan. Barb is a school teacher and David is an Engineer. They have three children

  • Christine Barbara Kathleen is a lawyer in Calgary.
  • Richard David Claire is an English teacher in Taiwan.
  • Andrew Donald John is a student in Regina.