G5: 1881 Robert Shiels

Robert & Isabella (Glen) Shiels

Robert was born June 8, 1881 in Coulter. He was the first child of Margaret (Shiels) Thompson. Robert was raised by his grandparents, William James & Agnes Shiels after his mother emigrated to Canada.

Robert also emigrated to Canada in March 1904 when he became a man. He borrowed the money for his passage from his uncle Thomas, and had to pay back every cent! Robert worked as an agricultural labourer until 1907.

Robert brought his childhood sweetheart Isabella Glen over from Elsrickle, Scotland, and married her on July 11, 1907 at Lumsden, Sask. Robert and Isabella homesteaded land at Keddleston, Saskatchewan.

They had four children: Agnes, William, Stuart and Isobel.

Robert and Isabella retired to Victoria, British Columbia. Isabella died on November 5, 1958 and Robert died on April 21, 1963.