G6: 1916 Isobel (Shiels) Schreder

Isobel & Herman

Isobel Margaret Glen Shiels was born January 8, 1916 at Regina, Sakatchewan, She was the fourth child of Robert & Isabella (Glen) Shiels.

Isobel was an elementary school teacher in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. She retired as a teacher in New Hazelton, BC. Isobel married Herman Peder Jensen Schreder on January 19, 1939 at Estevan, Sask. Herman farmed in Saskatchewan before moving to British Columbia to work in the Forestry Service. The family spent several summers on lookout posts.

Isobel & Herman have 5 children, Elaine, Murray, Ross, Delores & Wesley. They retired in New Hazleton, BC. Herman died April 18, 1982.

Elaine (Schreder) Compton 1940 – (G5)

Jesse, Marin, Paul, Adrienne
George, Elaine, Deirde, Zöe & Scott

Elaine Schreder was born March 16, 1940 at Estevan, Saskatchewan. She was the first child of Isobel (Shiels) & Herman Schreder. Elaine married George Richard Compton on October 1, 1963 at Manti, Sanpete, Utah.

George is a PhD Economist for the State of Utah. He works in the Department of Business Regulation. Elaine is a homemaker and an Organic Gardener. She raises and preserves a good part of the family food. Elaine is very interested in family history and spends many hours at the LDS library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Elaine and George have 5 children:

Deirdre Compton was born January 28, 1967 at Culver City, California. Deirdre married Scott Elgin Calhoun on August 22, 1989 and they have one daughter, Zöe Cait Calhoun, born March 31, 1992 at Provo, Utah.

Paul Aubrey Compton was born February 28, 1969 at Culver City, California.

Marin Compton was born October 16, 1970 at Santa Monica, California. She married Kevin Mattias on January 17, 2000 in Alpine, Utah.

Adrienne Compton was born August 11, 1973 at Santa Monica, California. She married Alan Ashton on November 20, 1999 in Bountiful, Utah.

Jesse Shiels Compton was born June 16, 1977 at Salt lake City, Utah.

Patrick Schreder 1942 – (G5)

Patrick Murray Schreder was born March 24, 1942 at Weyburn, Saskatchewan. He was the second child of Isobel (Shiels) & Herman Schreder. Patrick married Hollace Jane Spofford on October 29, 1966 at Sarnia, Ontario. They have two children, Cynthia Lynne Schreder, born March 29, 1969 and Craig Stuart Schreder born September 3, 1972.

Dolores (Schreder) Anderson Fox 1947 – (G5)

Dolores Schreder was born January 2, 1947 at Weyburn, Saskatchewan. She was the third child of Isobel (Shiels) & Herman Schreder. Dolores married Edward Anderson and had two children, Suzanne, born January 17, 1965 and Michael, born August 26, 1967. This marriage has ended in divorce and Dolores changed her name to Casandra Fox. She now goes by Sandy.

Cassandra (Sandy) Fox

Sandy has worked as a waitress and baker and is now the Front End person in a bakery in Calgary.

Mike does small engine repair and covers everything from motorcycles to lawnmowers.

Suzie married Darren and they have two children, Joshua and Jordon. They both work in the Forestry industry in BC.

Ross Schreder 1949 – (G5)

Ross Merlin Schreder was born November 21, 1949 at Burns Lake, British Columbia. He was the fourth child of Isobel (Shiels) & Herman Schreder. Ross now lives in New Hazelton, BC and is not married.

Wesley Schreder 1952 – (G5)

Wesley Evan Schreder was born January 8, 1952 at Burns Lake, British Columbia. He was the fifth child of Isobel (Shiels) & Herman Schreder.