G10: 1932 Sharrell Don Williams & Edna Marie Grubbs

Sharrell Don Williams was born on September 10, 1932, in Malad City, Idaho, USA, He was the fifth child of Leona Marie Jones (1901) and John Williams.

He married Edna Marie Grubbs on July 19, 1957, in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. They had three children during their marriage.

Sharrell died on February 5, 1977, in his hometown at the age of 44.

A summary of the children is as follows:

  • Julie Ann Williams was born in August 1965, when her father, Sharrell, was 32, and her mother, Edna, was 33. She married Mark Andrew Wedergren on August 26, 1986.
  • Jeffery Don Williams was born in December 1960, when his father, Sharrell, was 28 and his mother, Edna, was 29. He lived in Woodruff, Utah, USA, for more than 4 years from 1987 to 1991.
  • Michael Wayne Williams was born to Sharrell Don Williams and Edna Marie Grubbs.