G6: 1800 Hugh James Jones & Ann Griffith

Hugh James Jones was born in 1800 in Caio, Carmarthenshire, Wales. He was the sixth child of James John Jones (1775) & Posthumah Thomas.

He married Ann Griffith in 1834 in Cadwgen, Caio, Carmarthenshire, Wales. They had four children during their marriage, Esther 1840; John 1842; James 1846 and Herbert 1848. No other info is available.

A summary of the children is as follows:

    • Esther Jones was born in 1840, her father, Hugh, was 40, and her mother, Ann, was 39. She never married and lived in Carmarthenshire her whole life.
    • John Jones was born in 1842, his father, Hugh, was 42 and his mother, Ann, was 41.
    • James Jones was born in 1846, his father, Hugh, was 46 and his mother, Ann, was 45
  • Herbert Jones was born in 1848, his father, Hugh, was 48 and his mother, Ann, was 47. He had two brothers and one sister. He died in June 1877 in Carmarthenshire, Wales, at the age of 29.