G9: 1919 Robert Eugene Shiels & Leona Haywayhe

Robert Shiels was born in 1919 and was the sixth of eight children born to George Shiels and Rosa Stefensson. He was a ninth generation descendant of Micheal Shiels. 

The following is Robert’s lineage.

  • G1: Micheal Shiels 1671 & Bessie Brown
  • G2: Daniel Shiels 1719 & Jessie Scott
  • G3: James Shiels 1750 & Janet Younger
  • G4: Robert Shiels 1769-1845 & Annie Dickson
  • G5: Thomas Shiels 1795-1839 & Barbara Jean Cranston
  • G6: Thomas Shiels 1819-1897 & Elizabeth Prentice
  • G7: Thomas Prentice Shiels 1845-1892 & Margaret Avery
  • G8: George Shiels 1886-1962 and Rosa Stefansson
  • G9: Robert Eugene Shiels 1919-1976 & Leona Haywayhe
    • G10: Hugh Shiels 1943 & June Dupont
      • G11: Brent Shiels 1963
      • G11: Shannon Shiels 1965
    • G10: Ruby-Anne Shiels 1944 & Mike McNeilly
      • G11: Michael Eugene (Mickey) McNeilly 1960 & Rita Gadient
      • G11: Brigid Lee Tracy McNeilly 1961 & Len Meakin
      • G11: Kathleen Kelly McNeilly & Patrick Armstrong
    • G10: Roberta Shiels 1946 & Percy Green & Don Campbell
      • G11: Laverne Green 1964 & Dale Gillespie & Steve St Clair
      • G11: Bobby Green 1966 & Shelly Leitch
      • G11: Keith Green 1969 & Stacy Strutt
      • G11: Charles Campbell 1980
    • G10: Ashley Shiels 1960 &  Lolita Lirio Celones 

G9: Robert Eugene Shiels 1919-1976 & Leona Haywayhe

Robert Eugene Shiels was born June 9, 1919. He was the sixth child of George and Rosa (Stefansson) Shiels. Bob had black hair and brown eyes. Bob married Leona Haywayhe after returning from overseas in World War II on December 31, 1942. They started their married life together in Winnipeg but soon moved to Saskatchewan. After their second child was born, they moved back to Selkirk, Manitoba and took up residence at “The Shanty”. This was a little house built by Robert’s grandfather Johann Stefanson, a giant Icelandic settler.

Bob was a self employed painter and decorator. Leona worked at Denver Hospital as an aide. Ever plaqued by illness, Bob’s diagnosis of Diabetes was rediagnosed as Addison’s disease, a life threatening blood disorder. In 1955 and 1956, Bob endured several life saving surgeries which extended his life by twenty years. He was the second person in Winnipeg and the third in all of Canada to have these procedures.

Bob & Leona moved to Winnipeg in 1956 to be closer to Deer Lodge Hospital where Bob spent a lot of time as a patient. Leona acquired a job at Deer Lodge as an aide. Bob found a variety of light duty jobs to keep himself occupied. He spent many months in a body cast in 1960 and suffered all his life from one thing or another.

Hugh, June, Ruby-Anne, Leona, Ashley, Robert,
Laverne, Roberta

On January 3, 1976, Bob scrummed to emphysema when he developed phenomena. Leona went on to work as a home care worker until she retired. Leona passed away on August 1, 2001 after a long battle with cancer.

Bob & Leona had four children: Hugh Gerald in 1943; Ruby-Anne in 1944; Roberta in 1946 and Ashley in 1960.

G10: Hugh Gerald Shiels 1943 & June Dupont

Hugh Gerald Shiels was born January 10, 1943. He was the first child of Robert & Leona (Haywayhe) Shiels. Hugh grew up most of his life in Selkirk. He loved to wander from the town to the local dump, shooting rats with his “BB Gun”. He also loved fishing for perch in the river or slough. The local dump held many treasures after the 1950 flood. He was always finding “good stuff”. Once after a fire at the Roxy Theatre, he rescued a wagon load of slightly smoked candy and chocolate bars.

Each year in the spring Hugh would go and bum a couple of old fish boxes from the local fisheries, and putting his skills as a carpenter would build a “stage coach”. (2 fish boxes nailed together on a wagon) He would then enlist his two sister to become the horses, while he stuffed his body into the fishy smelling coach.

As a boy scout he received a badge of honor for the rescue of a small boy, who was drowning in a dug out filled with water, Hughie happened by and was playing cowboy and luckily had a rope with him, which he threw to the boy. Another time He and a buddy were building a snow fort. Fortunately for his buddy the snow pile was close to the back door of Hughie’s home, The roof caved in while his friend was inside and Hugh ran and got his father who frantically dug him out. In order to avoid Sunday School Hugh could be found every Sunday under the bridge hiding.

After the family moved to Winnipeg in 1956 , Hughie hated city life and by 1960 he stared his working career by moving to Pine falls and applied for a job at the Mill, where he worked his entire life.

He married June Dupont in 1962, A son Brent was born January 19, 1963 and a daughter Shannon was born on April 1, 1965. In 1975, when the children were around 10 & 12, Hugh & June were divorced.

Hugh made his home on “The Rock” where he made a life time project of remodeling his family home to create a bachelor pad for himself on the Winnipeg River

Boating is his pleasure. In 2001 Hugh retired and sold his home, bought a place at Hillside Beach, on Lake Winnipeg, where he lived for many years. 

G11: Brent Shiels 1963

Brent Joseph Shiels was born January 19, 1963 in Pine Falls, Manitoba. He was the first child of Hugh and June (Dupont) Shiels. Brent lives in Winnipeg with Darlene Joseph and they have a son Tristen Hugh Shiels, born June 22, 2000. Brent works on construction.

G11: Shannon Shiels 1965

Shannon Leona Shiels was born April 2, 1965. She was the second child of Hugh and June (Dupont) Shiels. Shannon lives in Winnipeg with her son Riley Mason Shiels, born February 8, 2000.

G10: Elizabeth Ruby-Anne Shiels 1944 & Mike McNeilly

Elizabeth Ruby-Anne Shiels was born September 25, 1944 in Regina, Saskatchewan. She was the second child of Robert & Leona (Haywayhe) Shiels. Ruby was one year old when the family moved to Selkirk, Manitoba.

Ruby married Isaac Louis (Mike) McNeilly when they were both very young and moved to Winnipeg. Mike has worked in the heating and ventilating business his whole life. He started his own business called Southwood Heating in 1978. Ruby worked with Mike, looking after all the office work and the business accounting.

Southwood Vandale was formed in 1999 and Mike branched out with a new company called South City Enterprises in 2001. While Mike was with Southwood Vandale, Ruby ran her own courier company called Ruby’s Red Wagon. She is now back looking after the books for the new company.

Ruby & Mike worked together to build a cabin at Hillside Beach. They also added on to their house in Winnipeg. Ruby also likes buying and selling antiques. They had three children: Mickey 1960; Brigid 1961 and Kathleen.

G11: Michael Eugene (Mickey) McNeilly 1960 & Rita Gadient

Michael Eugene (Mickey) McNeilly was born November 2, 1960. He was the first child of Mike & Ruby (Shiels) McNeilly. Mickey obtained his masters degree in Electrical Engineering. He married Rita Gadient on September 10, 1988 in Winnipeg. Rita was born in Minneapolis and was working in Winnipeg as a physiotherapist.

After they were married, they moved to Ottawa where Mickey worked for Nortel, a very large communication company. While in Ottawa, they had three children, Francis Robert born August 23, 1989, Joseph Isaac Harvey born December 7, 1990 and Walter Michael born September 2, 1992.

The family moved to Plano, Texas where Mickey was transferred with Nortel. Mickey left Nortel to work for Seimens in Texas. He is now considering a career change and is back at school studying music.

G11: Brigid Lee Tracy McNeilly 1961 & Len Meakin

Brigid Lee Tracy McNeilly was born December 13, 1961 in Winnipeg. She was the second child of Mike & Ruby (Shiels) McNeilly.

Brigit had a daughter, Mandy McNeilly born November 23, 1979.

Brigid married Leonard Meakin on June 13, 1992 and they had two children, Mackenzie Meakin born Sept 9, 1995 and Kailee Anne Meakin, born July 31, 1998.


Brigit works in the office for the Manitoba Liquor Commission. She also does a lot of craft work and goes to lots of craft sales. Len is an inspector for Manitoba Public Insurance. They have a cottage at Beaver Creek.

G11: Kathleen Kelly McNeilly & Patrick Armstrong

Kathleen Kelly McNeilly was  the third child of Mike & Ruby (Shiels) McNeilly.

Kathleen married Patrick Sean Armstrong and they live in Winnipeg. They worked in a bookstore together before they were married.

Patrick is a gymnastics teacher in Winnipeg and Kathleen works out of a home office. Kathleen also does a lot of painting and other craft work.


G10: Roberta June Shiels 1946 & Percy Green & Don Campbell

Roberta June Shiels was born June 26, 1946 in Selkirk, Manitoba. She was the third child of Robert & Leona (Hayward) Shiels.

Roberta married Percy Green and had three children: Laverne 1964; Bobby 1966 and Keith 1969.

Roberta & Percy were divorced in 1970 and Roberta was remarried to Don Campbell on July 18, 1992. Don & Roberta have a son Charles.

Don worked at Pallister Furniture and Roberta worked as a home care worker for many years. They live in Winnipeg.

G11: Laverne Green 1964 & Dale Gillespie & Steve St Clair

Laverne Margaret Rose Green was born May 10, 1964. She was the first child of Percy & Roberta (Shiels) Greene.

Laverne married Dale Gillespie and have two children, Blair, born May 31, 1988 and Megan born July 10, 1991.

They have since divorced and Laverne moved to Cochrane, Alberta with Steve St Clair.

They have a son, Robert James Irvin, born February 1, 2000. Steve is a carpenter and in August 2001, they moved to Hawaii for a four year contract.

G11: Bobby Green 1966 & Shelly Leitch

Robert Percival (Bobby) Green was born August 28, 1966. He was the second child of Percy & Roberta (Shiels) Green.

Bobby married Shelly Leitch on August 19, 1989.

Bobby worked for Wonder Shows for many years until it was sold. He is now part owner in the Grand Prix Amusement Park, just east of Winnipeg on the Trans Canada Highway.

G11: Keith Green 1969 & Stacy Strutt

Keith Michael Green was born December 10, 1969. He was the third child of Percy & Roberta (Shiels) Green.

Keith married Stacy Strutt and they have three children, Samantha Ashley Mohalla, born August 17, 1997; Alexandria Destiny, born November 2, 1999 and Michael Robert Anthony, born October 6, 2001.

Keith is working as a drywaller and travels outside Winnipeg doing commercial buildings.

G11: Charles Campbell 1980

Charles Donald Joseph Campbell was born September 30, 1980. He was the first child of Don & Roberta (Shiels) Campbell.

Charles works for his brother Bobby at Grand Prix Amusement Park.

G10: Ashley Shiels 1960 & Lolita Lirio Celones

Ashley Julius Shiels was born May 23, 1960. He was the fourth child of Robert & Leona (Haywayhe) Shiels. Ashley was born and raised in Winnipeg and is now raising his own family in Winnipeg.

Ashley has been employed in the transportation industry for eleven years as a long distance truck driver or a prettier way of saying it “Goods and Special Commodities relocation Engineer.” Ha, ha. He met his wife Lolita Lirio Celones in February 1983 and they fell in love. They were engaged on May 21, 1983 and were wed before a Justice of the Peace on June 24, 1983. They were remarried on September 17, 1983 at St. Edwards Catholic Church in a beautiful wedding service. They have been married almost nineteen years and are still very much in love. Lolita works as a fashion designer in the fashion industry.

A daughter, Larriza Crystal was born September 30, 1985. She has become the main focus of their lives and is blessed with an artistic talent for drawing. Larizza hopes to pursue a career along these lines, in the hope of further development for herself. Mom & Dad are very confident in her abilities. Ashley and Lolita also have 2 pets. Their dog Shelby has been a good and faithful companion for 10 years. His favorite hobbies are barking, barking, eating, sleeping and oh ya, did I mention barking. They also have a cat “Tiger” AKA ” Miss Ing Tail”. She has proven herself to be only a good mother. Ashley found her at a truck stop on the way home, abandoned, afraid, cold, and pregnant with her tail missing. Now she is safe & warm.