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This family history site has been focused on the Shiels Family without the ā€œdā€ but now we are expanding…..

Dan, Judy & Chico welcome you to our Family History Site! We are in the process of expanding the site to also include families that are connected to the Shiels family. Each family is laid out the same with the first Generation 1 (G1) starting around 1750. Some earlier records are available and they will be included but not labelled by generations in order to maintain consistency.

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Shiels Family:

Robert Shiels is labelled as Generation G1. He was born Jan 16, 1769 and he married Annie Dickson on Jul 7, 1790 in Peebles, Scotland. They had 6 children, Alison; Thomas; Isabella; Robert; Helen and George. 

Robert and Annie had 25 grandchildren. Many of them remained in Scotland & England while many more emigrated to Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

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An index of all the Shiels Family histories is included here.

Gerry Family:

John Gerry is labelled as Generation G1. He was born in Apr 1755 and married Elizabeth Parsons on August 2, 1785, in Ashwater, Devon, England.

They had ten children in 22 years; Catherine 1785; Richard 1788; Elizabeth 1790-1862; William 1795-1795; Thomas 1797-1870; John 1798-1858; Mary 1799-1886; William 1802-1872; Leonard 1804-1880 and Oliver 1808-1886.

John Gerry’s family remained in the Devon area their entire life. One son, William, died in infancy. Two of the children never married and the other seven children married and produced 40 grand-children for John & Elizabeth. Many of their descendants emigrated to North America.

In family history, it is always exciting to find where we came from. There is always that one more challenge and the most difficult part is keeping it up to date for future generations. We would be happy to add any additional information you may have, including any updates and photos on what we have as well as births, weddings and deaths since our book was published. We look forward to hearing from you. We are also looking to expand and fill in some missing families so we can really use your help.

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