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Beth Taylor Beth Taylor from Peterborough wrote on March 24, 2022
I'm the Granddaughter of Michael Ian Devonport & Gillian Margaret Maltby! (funnily enough they both went by their middle names) Thank you for this, I'm currently trying to go through my family tree and this information is invaluable. My Granddad Ian, was born in Nairobi, Kenya. Agnes & Leonard also had more than just one child, I think it was closer to 10! Leonard was in the RAF so they moved around a lot, so most of their children were born in different countries.
Ron Shiels Ron Shiels from SALE vic auyy wrote on January 23, 2022
my great gran
Jillian Kerley Jillian Kerley from Atiamuri, New Zealand wrote on June 7, 2021
Hello, trying to make contact with Carl Shiels. Not sure if his email is still active.
Verity Kenyon Verity Kenyon from Victoria, BC wrote on March 19, 2021
Great-Granddaughter of Lottie and Howard Burdett (Lillian, Reginald) This was a pleasure to read. I see a few inaccuracies but otherwise absolutely wonderful! thank you for putting this together!
Liam Riley Liam Riley from El Paso wrote on March 8, 2021
So, my mother is Margaret Riley (Shiels), sister of Hugh, Susan, Ann, John Patrick, Gerald, and George. Any one familiar with this particular branch of the Shiels line? Letterkenny, Cashal, Donegal.
Rebecca Shiels Rebecca Shiels from St Albans, UK wrote on February 10, 2021
I’m researching the Irish roots of the Shiels family and have got as far back as William J Shiels (1861) and wife Annie Shiels (1869) and their farm! If anyone has any further leads or back story on this line of the Shiels family I’d love to hear it! Thanks
Susan Ball Susan Ball wrote on December 20, 2020
Hi, I'm also researching the Gerrys of Ashwater.
Sheila Stanton Black Sheila Stanton Black from North Vancouver wrote on December 9, 2020
Grand-Daughter of David Shiells and Jean Bain
Dan Shiels Dan Shiels from Warren, Manitoba wrote on September 26, 2020
I have recently updated my site and significantly expanded my Shiels Line. I have also added the Gerry line. This is a work in progress and i hope you enjoy my latest additions.
Rosa Shiels Rosa Shiels from Northland, New Zealand wrote on May 2, 2020
I am most curious to look into this family history and see where family points touch. The name, I believe, is common to both Ireland and Scotland, but my branch is Scottish – at least mostly, as far as I know. Regards to all, R
Dana Woods Dana Woods from San Diego wrote on April 26, 2019
Looking into my grandmother, Elisabeth (Lynham) Shiels. I am interested in her childhood and social history. I understand that her parents died when she was young and that many records regarding the family were destroyed during the San Francisco earthquake and fire around the turn of the century. She did not speak much of her family life except that she was raised by a family member after the death of her parents.
Dan Shiels Dan Shiels from Winnipeg, Manitoba wrote on April 15, 2019
This is the first entry from my new website. Hope there are lots to follow. Dan Shiels
Michelle Garrett Michelle Garrett from Nampa Idaho wrote on December 31, 2018
Hello, I am the Great Granddaughter of Thomas Shiels who died fighting a fire in Minot North Dakota in 1909. His oldest daughter, Elizabeth Shields Ruge was my Grandmother.
Mary baes Mary baes from Mitchell wrote on October 16, 2018
My great grandmother was a shiels and my great great grandfather would have been George shiels I would love more info on this family tree
dshiels dshiels from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada wrote on June 4, 2018
Welcome to the new Shiels Family History Guestbook. We have revamped our Shiels Family History site and have plans to constantly update it. We would love to hear from you and have you add to our ever increasing research.
Penny Harvey Penny Harvey from Suffolk, England wrote on December 31, 2015
I am desperately trying to trace any descendants of Thomas James Shiels who was married to Violet Isabella (Bella) Davidson. They had three children : Violet (born Dublin 1905), Lily (born Dublin 1907) Harry (or Thomas born 1909). I have been told that Harry and Violet were sent to Canada as part of the Home Children migration program.
Martin Hess Martin Hess from Royalla New South Wales Australia wrote on December 12, 2015
My mothers maiden name was Margaret sexton shiels. She was born in Melbourne vic in 1920. Her father was Augustin Raymond shiels born in Millicent south Australia. He was the son of Patrick shiels, born Galway Ireland about 1840. Patrick spent some time with the Irish constabulary before emmigrating to the colony of south Australia . He enlisted in the south Australia mounted police and served in Burra, Millicent and Petersburg. He died in service on 31 December 1901. Interested in any connections in Australia or elsewhere in North America UK or Ireland.
Rosanna Shiels Rosanna Shiels from Massey Ontario wrote on September 9, 2015
Hi I am Rosanna Shiels. My father is Alexander Shiels from Massey Ontario. He has been alot of places and knows alot of people. He passed on 9 years ago and I'm looking on information about my family background. Any information would be useful thank you very much
Donna Duff Donna Duff from Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland wrote on June 22, 2014
My 2nd cousin married William Shiels who was born in Dunfermline, Scotland on the 14 Jul 1875. He and Christina Glass Gage married on the 25 Jan 1918 in Kirkcaldy and emigrated to Grand Rapids Michigan via Canada. I know they had 5 children (one died as a baby in Kirkcaldy) but the others, David (b. 1918), Isabella b. 1920), Janet (b.1921), James (b.1923) were all born in Kirkcaldy, Fife and brought up in Michigan. If anyone can help trace any family members I would be grateful as I am holding a Colliar family reunion in Scotland in 2015 and it would be great to have more
Margaret Ford Campbell Margaret Ford Campbell from LaSalle On Canada wrote on October 27, 2013
Dan I really enjoy your site. Am looking forward to the James Shiels line as it has really peaked my curiosity. I remain in possession of the diary.
David French David French from Carluke Scotland wrote on October 20, 2013
Dan - Merryl died in April this year. Don't know how, but she had a bad heart. Did not know for a while.
John Shiels John Shiels from Limerick, Ireland wrote on April 13, 2013
My father, grandfather and great-grandfather are from Cork Ireland. I think my great great-grandfather was from Dublin and i think he was known as "The Chef Shiels"
Marlene Lyon Marlene Lyon from USA wrote on February 10, 2013
Thanks for all your time and effort on the Shiels family history. I thought it would be difficult to trace my paternal grandmother's family but you've made easy.
Clare Shiels Clare Shiels from Lake Macquarie NSW Australia wrote on November 29, 2012
I was so interested in reading your family history. You have done a great job. My husband is Brian Shiels and his ancester who came to Australia from Scotland is John Shiels, he came as a doctor and studied at the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh Scotland. His father was Robert Shiels he grew up in Garelochhead 20 miles from Glasgow. I know one of John's family went to Canada to live but no name to give now. I'm not sure if your Shiels has a connection but there may be somewhere down the track.
Rita Shiels Rita Shiels from Phoenix wrote on October 4, 2012
Father = Joseph Patrick Shiels 11 born in Dublin Ireland 090334 he had 2 sisters one margaret
Robert Gordon Shiels Robert Gordon Shiels from Dallas, Texas wrote on September 20, 2012
My father was Eugene Francis Shiels, his brother(my uncle), was Robert Theophilus Shiels Jr. and my grandfather was Robert Theophilus Shiels Sr. R.T Shiels Sr. had several brothers and some settled in North Texas, Frank, Elliot, James and George? , I belive my great grandfather was James Shiels. I always heard the family came from around Galashiels Scotland. Can't verify this for certain without help.
Curtis Shiels Curtis Shiels from Edmonton AB wrote on July 2, 2012
I visited your site a long time ago and was able to find info on my family but now returning (I recognise your names as the operators) I cant find us here so we must be in teh James Line which is unavailable at the moment. My Father is Frank Shiels (brothers Robert, Dan, Richard and sisters Clair and Karen) and my grand parents are Donald & Neline Shiels John – William – James – Donald - Frank - Curtis
Janey Godley Janey Godley from Glasgow Scotland wrote on April 5, 2012
My husbands great grandmother was Marcella Shiels who married Thomas Beirne near Castlerea Roscommon Ireland - from her death cert in Glasgow she was born in 1862 and her father was Stephen Shiels and her mother was Mary Jane keary any info would be great, Thanks.
jonny shiels jonny shiels from dungannon,co tyrone wrote on February 10, 2012
my father is kevin shiels(dungannon) and my grandfather was john shiels(belfast)interesting site,seems to be a lot of shiels's
Lorraine Molteni (Lamont/Lamant) Lorraine Molteni (Lamont/Lamant) from Winnipeg, MB Canada wrote on January 13, 2012
my father was Kenneth George Lamant, son of Mildred Shiels and William Lamant. I was very thrilled to find the Shiels family history and see the names of my great-grandfather, George Thomas Shiels (Pappy)and great-grandmother Rosa (Granny). What a thrill to read about their life. Thank you for this site!
Martin Hess Martin Hess from New South Wales Australia wrote on November 22, 2011
My mother was Margaret Sexton Shiels (bn Melbourne 1920-d Melb 1970). Her father was Martin Sylvester Shiels (bn Millicent South Australia-d Melbourne-date unk), his father was Patrick Shiels (bn Galway Ireland about 1840-d Adelaide South Australia 1901).Patrick was a member of the Irish Constabulary and the South Australian Mounted Police.Any advice re Irish links very much appreciated.
Jack Barnett Jack Barnett from chino valley az wrote on October 19, 2011
from george then barbara then mathew and then my mother helen. I enjoy your website very much
conor shiels conor shiels from ireland wrote on October 10, 2011
I like your site
Angela Shiels Mclaughlin Angela Shiels Mclaughlin from Templepatrick Co Antrim N.Ireland wrote on September 14, 2011
My father Joseph is one of 7 children the eldest being Dan then Rosie, Mary, Ellen,John,Joseph and Edward - what is significant is that the name Shiels is usually spelt Shields, but many in Strabane/Lifford near Co Donegal are spelt Shiels (a strong Irish/Scotch connection) Between 1826 and 1896 a large number of Irish/ Scotch went to Canada and many Irish went over in a boat from Donegal to Scotland to work in the flax and weaving industry.
Dawn Geisler Dawn Geisler from Ann Arbor, MI wrote on June 28, 2011
through George then Barbara
William S. Clarke William S. Clarke from Now, London ON. Canada born in Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada (Shiels home) wrote on April 10, 2011
I am the grandson of Robert and Effie ?? Shiels who had eleven children, they came from a place called Peebles, Scotland in the 1800's. My mother's (baby of the family) name was Mona Shiels. I can remember only a few of the children's names. Tom, Jackie, Glenie, Rob, Harry (adopted, actually nephew) John, Verona, My grandfather was in WW1, died before I was born, My grandmother died in the early 50's. Glennie (actually) Glendinie (sp?) was the last child to die. Glennie married Roy Blaney and had two children William (Audrey) (have five children plus one adopted) Live in BC) & Beverly (Jack Cook divorced had five children) remarried Usher. Tom (Thomas), moved to ThunderBay ON Canada and had a couple of children there, lost touch. Verona (Alton Gay) adopted daughter Christina, who adopted two children, who were killed in a car accident along with her husband. Rob, had two girls Unis and ? both girls died as young adults. Harry (Julie, deceased) had two boys Robbie and Johnny, both married with children in SSM ON. use the last name Shiels.
Cindy Gulledge Cindy Gulledge from Battle Ground, WA--20 miles northeast of Portland, Oregon, USA wrote on March 30, 2011
Gr-Granddaughter of Janet Shiels and Frank Lyon.; Janet daughter of Thomas Prentice Shiels and Margaret Avery. Have photo's from North Dakota and Oregon, unidentified individuals. If you are related and may know who these persons are, please e-mail and I will forward on ! At least three photo's have possibly Janet's sisters, aunts or mother. Thank You Dan and Judy for a wonderful site and opportunity to connect to other family members ! Cindy
Maureen Shiels Maureen Shiels from Australia wrote on March 12, 2011
My grandfather was Frederick James,b.Huddersfield, G.Grandfather was John,born Scotland
Rose Olson Rose Olson from Lundbreck, Ab. wrote on December 31, 2010
Thanks to you Dan...our James Shiels is in the correct tree. After many years of research on the Shiels family I am now compiling the Family History Book. Will be completed by spring 2011. Still trying to connect your Shiels tree to the James/Ellen tree.
Edna Servos Edna Servos from Massey Ont wrote on October 26, 2010
I am the g g grandaughter of James and Ellen. Does any one have information on May Shiels born 1786 daughter of Hugh Shiels and Annie Groat. Also their son Dougal( went by the name of Mannary) born after 1991
Michael Patrick Shiels Michael Patrick Shiels from Detroit, Michigan, USA wrote on October 16, 2010
As far as I know, my great, great grandfather Robert Shiels emmigrated from Ireland to King Ferry, New York. Then his son, Arthur, moved to Detroit. His son, Arthur, gave birth to my father, also Arthur. I was born in 1967.
Patrick Norman Shiels Patrick Norman Shiels from Stoughton Saskatchewan Canada wrote on September 20, 2010
I came upon this site but, my sister Hazel beat me here. Anyway It is good to see so many people that I maybe related to. They say a family should grow But, Look's like this one is booming. Keep signing them up as our family is getting older, bigger and better.
Hazel [Shiels] Horkoff Hazel [Shiels] Horkoff from Alliance, Alberta wrote on August 23, 2010
I am a great grand-daughter to James and Ellen. My father was John Ernest, a son of Hugh and Annie. I have only started looking and was thrilled to find this site. By the way, one of my brothers spells his name with a "d" because of an error by the Dept. of Vital Statistics when his birth was recorded. We love him anyway.
Cam Fuller Cam Fuller from Airdrie AB wrote on August 14, 2005
My wife's birth surname was Shiels. Any one know my wife's mom? She was born in Regina SK,Aug.30 1968.
Craig Lindbloom Craig Lindbloom from Brandon, MB wrote on June 16, 2005
Alan Thibideau Alan Thibideau from Montreal, QC wrote on April 14, 2005
I've heard the Shields name, perhaps from my father, who is from Bathurst, NB, but I know little about it. In a Google search I noticed you have listed an old email address of mine at Perhaps you could update it for me to a generic webmail address, since we change providers change quite often nowadays. Please use - Thanks and best wishes.
Isaac and Trisha Evans Isaac and Trisha Evans from Riverton, Manitoba wrote on March 26, 2005
My husband, Isaac Howard Sveinn Evans's mother is Cassandra Adele Shiels. She married Alfred Ernest Arlington Evans.
Raymond Shiels Raymond Shiels from Manchester wrote on March 15, 2005
My parent's were originally from Northern Ireland, I have 4 brother's and 4 sister's
ciaran shiels ciaran shiels from Liverpool wrote on February 23, 2005
grandparents from Ireland. wierd never never met another shiels
Zena M. Morton Zena M. Morton from Spokane, Washington wrote on February 3, 2005
My father is David A. Williams whose father was Arthur L. Williams who had an original last name of Shields and a brother John. My Aunt Eileen (Helena Montanta) has been keeping up on the family history. She has done an exceptional job for our family. Nice Web site.
Lanny Ross North Lanny Ross North from Burlington Wisconsin wrote on January 16, 2005
Great-Great Grandmother Elizabeth Shiels wife of Nicholas Tyrrell born 1833 death 3/15/1908 Although Tyrrell name is not on your list, the Schiels family seems to enter my family with no other relatives or descendants in the Burlington WI area. Nicholas and Elizabeth were residents of Norway Wisconsin. They had a son Peter and a daughter Mary Ann. My Grandfather was the son of Peter Tyrrell and Ana Baumeister. I was curious about those illinois migrations you noted
Shantell Winter Shantell Winter from Swift Current, Saskatchewan wrote on December 19, 2004
great great granddaughter of James and Ellen Shiels. Grandfather was Peter Shiels.
Kody Shiels Kody Shiels from Hazlet, Saskatchewan, Canada wrote on December 19, 2004
I'm 21, son of Ken Shiels, grandson of Peter and Irene Shiels. I'm just happy to see more Shiels without the 'd' lol
David Shiels David Shiels from Carlisle, UK wrote on November 27, 2004
My grandfather was Adam.
James Shiels James Shiels from England wrote on October 23, 2004
Yeah i would be interested in knowing a bit more about recent shiels history, from ireland to england
Michael Shiels Michael Shiels from US but most of the family was born in Ireland wrote on August 27, 2004
Site looks great. It would be nice to see if I could tie into this tree..
Alfred Lawerence Shiels Jr Alfred Lawerence Shiels Jr from Westchester Co NY USA wrote on August 12, 2004
have you ever heard of my Grandfather - Alfred B Shiels - he was born in Ireland in the 1880's
Ros Shiels Ros Shiels from Hamilton, Scotland wrote on July 14, 2004
would just like to speak to people to see whether I have any relatives I know nothing about
mark shiels mark shiels from belfast(northern ireland) wrote on June 24, 2004
hi i am 14 years old and from belfast (northern ireland). my surname is from my dads side(his name is danny)it was my grandfather(george) who brought the family name here because he was originally form coleraine(northern ireland)he moved here to north belfast around the cliftonville area and then all his children then moved out and now we all live around the cliftonville road area.i was just wondering if u have any relations from coleraine or belfast or even in ireland thanks a lot
Tanya Aleen Shiels-Mead Tanya Aleen Shiels-Mead from Kamloops Bc wrote on May 18, 2004
I checked this site out of curiosity and found it was neat to know that I may be related to so many people that I haven't met
Ray Carpenter Ray Carpenter from Toronto wrote on May 5, 2004
I am the son of the late Alex Shiels and Lillian Shiels (nee Harron). She died in 1975 her name at that time was Lillian Ciceri. He was born in Scotland in 1907.
Miles Shiels Miles Shiels from Copper Cliff, Ontario wrote on November 6, 2002
Direct descendant of James Shiels and Ellen Neilson a great great Grandson. Great Grandson of Hugh Shiels and Annie Groate and Grandson of William Neilson(Bill)Shiels and Dora Belinda Smith. Son of Alan Shiels.
Georgiana Logan, rscj Georgiana Logan, rscj from Boston wrote on February 21, 2002
My great grandmother was Lizzy Sheils who married James Tracy Logan in Ransom County, North Dakota.
Robert Leston Logan Robert Leston Logan from Samish Island, Bow, Washinggton USA wrote on February 21, 2002
What a fantastic SHIELS FAMILY HISTORY site!! My great-grandmother is Elizabeth Barbara Shiels ( born 3 Feb 1860, Brussels, Ontario) who married James Tracy Logan 9 Sep 1886 at Lisbon, North Dakota. The entire Shiels 'Family Tree' is indebted to you for all of the work you have done on this project over the years. Congratulations on the publication of your Shiels Family History Book. It was at the Shiels Family Reunion, July 22, 1984 that I first met you and Judy and heard you talk about such a 'family book'.... you inspired me to begin thinking of a Logan Family Book... perhaps your work will provide the impetus needed! We will be in touch.....Bob
Bruce Boylan Bruce Boylan from Edmonton Alberta wrote on February 7, 2002
We are very interested in the family history. I will forward your site to the Swift Current branch of the family, as well as Vernon B.C.
chantal shiels chantal shiels from saskatoon (canada) wrote on January 30, 2002
my grandfather is albert shiels from Foam lake Sk(canada) i would just like to find out if i fit in at all
Paul Shiels Paul Shiels from Belfast, Ireland , now living in Glasgow Scotland wrote on September 13, 2001
I have enjoyed the updates on your site. I can provide you with substantial material on the Shiels from before 1600 ( I can follow my own line back well before then) and the origins of the family in Ireland. Have any of your correspondents pointe d out there were Shiels on the Lewis and Clarke expedition. If they are lineal descendants I'd like to hear from them.
Lynn Diane Sprader Lynn Diane Sprader from Detroit, Michigan wrote on June 25, 2001
My grandmother, Florence Gulker Allen had started to do a family tree, but passed away before she was able to finish it. You have done a great job. Thank you.