What’s New

This page will record the changes to the site as more information is discovered. Newer details will be at the top and all older messages will simply be pushed down so you can track our changes.


Major update complete. All sections have now ben updated. Search feature has been added and it works very well.

Next step is to advertise what we have done.


We revised the front page to streamline access. We have now finished the update on the John Shiels Line.


Finished the work on the Thomas Shiels Line


Combined the Logan family into one page


Working on update for Thomas Shiels


Added the Alison Shiels Wallace family


Added the Gerry Branch to the site. 


I moved the entire site from shiels.ca/familyhistory to simply https://shiels.ca


I have made some changes to the security settings on this site. The members only area will remain for all living relatives to protect privacy, however other pages have been released for public access in order to follow norms across other sites.


Added a new public page for the James Line. This provides details on the James and Ellen (Neilson) line back to 1690. More details on James and Ellen descendants will be provided in the members section later.


Received a copy of the book Hands Across the Seas by Rose Olson. This book details the James and Ellen (Neilson) Shiels family.


Updated Scott Shiels history (Great-Great-Great-Grandson of John and Janet (McNair) Shiels.

Updated Gerry Shiels history (Great-Great-Grandson of John and Janet (McNair) Shiels.


Added Guestbook to this site.


Started a Facebook Group page in an effort to drive families to our History site.